This week's The Walking Dead recap is full of incredibly awkward reunions! [SPOILERS]


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  1. big ryan says:

    it seems like there can never be more than one black guy on the walking dead at a time, as soon as a new black guy shows up you know one of them is going to die very soon

  2. Ryan says:

    big ryan, this kind of seemed to be a theme in the book as well!

  3. grs says:

    I’m not the first and I won’t be the last: this waiting until February is utter tripe. The zombie apocalypse does not get a winter vacation. Moar shows!

  4. Navin_Johnson says:

    Regarding “Spoilers”

    Sometimes the pictures on these pieces are potential spoilers themselves if you’re getting around to watching the show later than others. Not this picture, but the last one was.  Not that I didn’t fully expect we wouldn’t see ____ again, but I was kind of hoping the writers would go against cliche/convention, and where I’m watching in season two that character’s fate is still unknown. No dice on that. So I guess in the end no big deal except I found out what I expected would happen a bit earlier.

    * Yes you can scroll down fast enough to comment and not read any of the spoilers in the article or comments.

  5. jarmstrong says:

    I love this post, Jamie. Please, keep at it.

    One issue with your chronology, though, is that Oscar wasn’t killed before Rick started hallucinating, but while he was hallucinating. Rick saw “Shane” walking out of the smoke and wielding a shotgun. While Rick stared in disbelief at him, faux Shane pumped that shotgun right into poor Oscar’s ribcage. I am nit-picky on this point because Rick’s hallucination made him hesitate and was the proximate cause of Oscar’s death. His hallucinations may very well continue to put others in greater danger than usual.

    (Note: I love the show, but never read the graphic novels. My brother reads the graphic novels and refuses to watch the show. We never discuss the two.)

    (edited for formatting/spelling)

  6. nvlady says:

    Im on issue 85 of the comic and I had some friends ask why Michonne was so angry at the Gov. Its like the show transferred the rage from the comic without cause.
    Im thrilled Tyreese is in the show. From the moment he walked on screen, I was all, “Dude! That’s Tyreese!” Im glad they are playing out the prison longer. They stay there a while in the comic, but it all goes downhill fast. 
    Also glad Rick still has his hand :) 
    If only Andrea was as badass in the show as she is in the comic…

    • Peter says:

      I think the fact that after she left and was basically just planning to go her own way, he sent out four guys specifically ordered to hunt her and murder her merits a little bit of a personal grudge (she should also have it at Merle, of course, but I think she especially resents the mind game he’s running on her friend).

      • nvlady says:

        I *could* see that, but I think they just needed a way for the Gov to loose his eye. Besides, she seems known for just going her own way. Holding a big grudge? That would slow her down past the moment.

    • Lethalwow says:

      The Governor wanted Michonne’s head in his aquarium… he sent men out to kill her.  Should she be glad she only got a gunshot to the leg and hope never to see the Gov again. She went after the man that wanted her dead.

      • nvlady says:

        I still don’t buy it. She’s didn’t know about the aquarium. She planned for men to come after her. She has a strategic mind. She cuts ties/her loses quick. She would not be ‘mad enough to sit and wait to kill him’ if something horrific and lingering didn’t happen to her. If you read the comic, you’d know it was just transferring her anger form there to here.

        • Lethalwow says:

          It is not the comic book… I don’t see anything more horrific than being killed… seriously, what’s more horrific than being executed (which is what the four guys were sent to do). If someone wants to end your life, kill them first. That’s her motivation, period. The aquarium was a reference to The Governor asking Merle if he brought back her head, which was for the audience, not her. But apparently that was not enough, for those with some sort of expectations of her being tortured and raped, but seriously, what’s more horrific than your life ending, lol. Seems like the gravity of that went over some people’s heads. 

          • chgoliz says:

            Maybe you don’t see anything more horrific than being killed, but a lot of people who have been raped or tortured in some other way will tell you that at the time they wished for death as the better option.

          • Lethalwow says:

            No I do not. With that said, I did not discredit the emotional and/or physical scars of being raped. But there is not coming back from death. On the other hand, a  person can rebound from tragedy in life, picking up the pieces. 

          • nvlady says:

            Throughout the series, people have had their lives on the line. Considering the whole premise of the show is to find a ‘good life’ and that a lot of the time dying is a suitable option to that goal, and with how often have people been threatened and then have their lives let go (Rick does it a lot), I don’t find justification in her rage. 

            Her life was not on the line at that point, she has surely been threatened before, she did get away. No, she wanted revenge. He had bloodlust, for what? Generally you do that for something you have to live with, something that changes you. She got away, she won. Why seek to kill him?I get what you are saying, but knowing both side (the show and the comic) and knowing the motive behind this part of the story (the Gov. Held Michonne raped and tortured her with the full intent of her ‘finding a way for her to kill herself’) sometimes living with torture is worse than dying.

          • Lethalwow says:

            We will just have to agree to disagree… Somewhere there is a double standard.  No one is jumping down Rick’s throat for killing Tomas, the guys at the bar, attempting to kill Andrew (Who had his right at “revenge” on Rick and the gang), shooting up random Woodbury men. Just because the Governor had lackeys to do his bidding does not make his attempt on Michonne’s life less server. It is a kill or be killed world. Anyone crying about the dude Maggie impaled with a bone? And once again, it is the tv show, and Michonne was not raped. Did she have to be raped to  go after the Gov?… No, she had motive enough. Seems like some people can’t separate the two universes. 

          • nvlady says:

            Again, Rick killed in the moment (the inmate at the prison, the guys in the bar). They actively threatened him then and there. This was pre-meditated. She went back to kill him and her circumstances were no less dire than  what a number of other characters have gone through throughout the show. This was just different and overly reactionary.

  7. nvlady says:

    Oh, and I totally think that the ‘spy’ Merle angle is what they did with Rodriguez in the comic. Just sayin’

    • rainsingin says:

      **big spoilers!!**
      **big spoilers!!**

      good catch, i hadn’t considered that.  merle goes back to the prison with daryl – and then rick or daryl have to kill him as he tries to get back to woodbury to disclose their location/the size & strength of their force, etc.

      • nvlady says:

        I know that the Gov and Rick talk to each other through the fence. I remember seeing that in one of the promo ads. Still, its gonna be a wild ride. Since Daryl and Merle are not in the comic, it will be interesting to see how Daryl reacts IF they put Tyresse and Carol together.

    • freshyill says:

      Well on Talking Dead, Robert Kirkman (who wrote the episode), said that Merle is in trouble for not killing Michonne like he said he did. Also worth noting that one of the Governor’s guys *is* Rodriguez.

      However, none of that may matter. I stopped thinking my knowledge of the comics meant anything a long time ago. You may very well be right.

      • nvlady says:

        They have followed some of the story arch with different characters (Maggie in place of Michonne) so that story might happen with different characters. The cast can only get *so* big, and Tyreese has brought in a slew of expendables ;)

      • nvlady says:

        I’m avoiding watching the talking dead because I want to get all my information from the characters and story. If the writers/directors/actors/etc have to explain a scene just to get me to follow their story, then they need to write better.

  8. rainsingin says:

    good episode, i’m enjoying the series a lot this season.

    i think the writers are having some natural problems translating (with complex revisions) the plot of the comics to the tv show, they can’t forget what they know. For example, in the tv show, it doesn’t feel completely natural for michonne to go after the governor.  i can imagine a plausible motivation, for instance, she’s decided to single-handedly assassinate the “jim jones” style despot so her new crew (rick & company) are safer.  It also doesn’t feel very natural for her to be loyal to rick (based on how he treats her), unless you assume she’s chosen rick’s group because of the scene with the baby and what she learned from andrea during their time together in the wild.

    my biggest complaint is the plot contrivance that all the drama could be sorted out if michonne would simply take 60 seconds to tell andrea & rick what she knows about the governor/merle.  when glenn is reunited with rick, he immediately tells them exactly what’s going on = merle is here, he tried to kill us.  why won’t michonne speak?

    why could rick’s group sneak into woodbury but then had to climb out over a bus in clear view of every resident with a machine gun?

    hmm, do you think the guys at the prison might want to look around a bit and realize that the entire back half of the prison is a collapsed, wide-open, door!

    as great as that scene was for carl, who in tyrese’s group was screaming like that, and why?

    i can’t help but think that killing off oscar is a deliberate gag by the writers.  though, i’m not sure what is worse – thinking this is funny or doing it unintentionally.

    • nvlady says:

      Carl in that scene was boss. Love it. I love how his character is developing, like when they first brought Michonne in, he just went and gathered her stuff and the basket of formula, no orders needed.

    • chgoliz says:

      You raise a lot of good points.

      This episode felt like they were trying to cover a lot of ground (plot-wise) to keep viewers thinking and salivating for a few months.  But instead, we’ll probably be thinking about all the little ragged edges that didn’t quite fit together right.

    • senorglory says:

      Does Michonne know of the connection between Andrea and Rick’s group?

      • DryDry says:

        She travelled around with Andrea for 8 months, so I have an extremely hard time believing that they didn’t tell each other about where they were before hooking up. Surely Andrea told her about the farm and who was there. If not, then this show is just fuckn’ stupid.

        • chgoliz says:

          There was a discussion between them at one point — first day or so at Woodbury — in which Andrea complains that she’s told Michonne everything about her life over the months they’ve been together and yet gotten virtually no information about Michonne’s life at all in exchange.

  9. gwailo_joe says:

    Sometimes I wonder why I watch this show.  The dead, walking…in search of warm human sustenance: Preposterous!  Utter poppycock.

    But…sometimes the over-the-top bits tickle my fancy: Glen making a stabber out of a radius/ulna…that was a great moment in television.  For reals.

    Maggie using it to stab some poor fool in the jugular: just desserts, pal.

    I was happy to see my man Cutty…er sorry: Tyreese.  I almost thought that blown up rearview of the prison was some sort of Future aspect post-Governor attack battlefield: nope.  Just poor perimeter security.  Got it.

    The Governor: what a weirdo…@#$% that guy.  I find his relationship with his daughter skewed and un-natural…why couldn’t he do the right thing and end her un-life years ago?  Plus the heads.  One or two, sure…but that dude is head hoarding.  He needs help.

    I would have liked the Screaming Pit to have actually been a pit.  Or at least expressed an inordinate amount of screaming… 

    And the final gunfight…(sigh).  You are hiding in an empty house.  No one knows you are there.  Why…oh why, would you throw a smoke grenade before you even walk out???  After you sneak out a bit, sure…distract/evade! But otherwise I can’t think of a better way to say ‘Here We Are!’…bar shouting.

    Plenty more intrigue, but why beat it like a bitten loved one?  See ya in February!

    • nvlady says:

      I didnt get how Glen was able to pull the walker’s arm off from the wrist and tear off the arm from the shoulder, but not the elbow. I thought that was a HUGE physics no no. But I digress…

  10. wambampram says:

    Was anyone else expecting the Governor to knock on his daughters door and say “Penny. Penny. Penny”?

  11. dilinger says:

    Wow, I totally missed the whole Shane thing.  I mean, I saw Rick freaking out during the gunfight, but didn’t really understand why.  Glad you guys post these reviews!  Much quicker than sitting through an hour of The Talking Dead.

    • RedShirt77 says:

      Can we talk for a minute about haw terrible and out of place the Talking Dead Promo’s are?  I mean, they are profoundly annoying.  Maggie was almost raped last episode and that moron came on screaming about hash tags immediately after….

      Its like they want to drive off any non-fanboys.  I tried to watch the actual show once, but after a few minutes of wanting to slap the writer they always have on I had to move on and watch Boardwalk.

  12. DryDry says:

    Amazing how there’s a small 4 foot hole in the chain link fence at the back of the prison  - that was alluded to by I can’t remember who a few episodes ago – and NOBODY HAS BOTHERED TO SPEND 20 MINUTES TO FIX IT YET

    • nvlady says:

      Its mac truck plot holes like this that infuriate me so much about the show, but weirdly keep me watching.

      They *did* say it was another part of the prison, but still, come on.

      • DryDry says:

        Yep. With a single line of throw away dialogue back when they were first securing the prision – “Hey I fixed those 2 holes in the perimeter fence. We’re good.” and then Tyreese’s gang just cutting/hacking/untwisting the metal ties to get through, I wouldn’t be annoyed.

    • RedShirt77 says:

       Yeah how simple would it be to have some wire on the fence and have them cut their way in….  this is why multiple writers and story-boarding are important. 

      • nvlady says:

        Makes me wonder if the writers even have a map of the prison in their writer’s room. Or are they just making all this up in their heads…

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