RIP Oscar Niemeyer (104)

I will always remember the time one of the members of the Los Angeles ModCom presented a 3D slideshow of photos he took of Oscar Niemeyer's designs for Brasilia. I was blown away by his swooping futuristic designs.

[UPDATE: The moronic news bureau capriciously shut off streaming for the video I originally posted, so here's a better video from our pals at Motherboard.)

Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, who designed some of the 20th Century's most famous modernist buildings, has died just before his 105th birthday. He rose to international fame as the architect of the main government buildings in the futuristic Brazilian capital, Brasilia, inaugurated in 1960. He also worked with Swiss-born modernist architect Le Corbusier on the UN building in New York. He continued to work on new projects until earlier this year.

BBC: Oscar Niemeyer, Brazilian architect, dies at 104 (Thanks, Antinous!)