Solar system quilt from 1876


Amateur astronomer Ellen Harding Baker of Cedar County, Iowa made this stunning solar system quilt in 1876. The quilt is now in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution. From the Smithsoian's History Explorer:

Ellen used the quilt as a visual aid for lectures she gave on astronomy in the towns of West Branch, Moscow, and Lone Tree, Iowa. Astronomy was an acceptable interest for women in the nineteenth century and was sometimes even fostered in their education.
"Ellen Harding Baker's "Solar System" Quilt"


    1. She must be an Dogon and received her wisdom from Ancient Aliens!  Only logical position.  Wake up sheeple!!!

  1.  So cool! A quilt must have been a great way to transport a durable, large-scale diagram over long distances. And I would seriously love to have this on my bed, or hanging in my living room.

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