Modern Seinfeld Twitter account pitches episodes for the Facebook age


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  1. jimh says:

    Jerry sits in the corner of his apartment, at his desk.
    No one drops by.

  2. Missy Pants says:

    What’s the deal with biting the awesome satire of pre-existing and much better Twitter accounts like Star Trek Next Gen Season 8?
    “Wes interrupts an alien ball game, igniting a forever-war. Data’s new vanity muscle arms don’t fit in his uniform, keep bonking into Geordi.”

  3. gwailo_joe says:

    “Three people touch their screens, completely absolved in themselves.  A wild eyed, wild haired man bursts through the door…no-one notices.  He meekly exits.”

  4. Spocko says:

    George thinks his new girlfriend is cheating on him, he tweets her a nasty message, Kramer helps steal her purse to delete if from her phone feed. Kramer is arrested, George doesn’t realize tweets are seen by others who follow her, they all retweet it.
    Third act, Girl wasn’t cheating after all she loaned special sweater George gave her to her roommate who wore it on a date. Girl dumps George for his rude tweet. Twist? George’s Girl WAS cheating, just not with the guy that he saw! How do we know? She sends a twit Pic to everyone!

  5. Spocko says:

    Kramer’s makes a racist slur at a bar, someone shoots video of it and sends it out on the internet. Hilarity ensures. 

  6. Spocko says:

    George becomes “Mayor” of the coffee shop, until he loses it to someone else, who isn’t really going ot the coffee shop. George sets a trap to catch him NOT showing up to the coffee shop. Turns out that the “Mayor” is paraplegic who can’t leave his home and uses “Check in” to remind him of when he could walk.
    Twist? George’s fuss leads to a story in the paper about how churlish George was about being Mayor and him threatening a paraplegic to get back his Mayor status. Story retweeted around the world. George gets hate tweets from Disability activists.   

  7. Daemonworks says:

    People watch Seinfeld, realize it’s not actually very funny, hilarity doesn’t ensue.

  8. Jerry opens a twitter account, fails to win many followers, tweets “Follow me on twitter”, realizes irony.  Kramer has cold cuts in his pants, bread in some garment that went to the dry-cleaners.  Did the staff eat his bread, or did it go into the machine?  Jerry performs underwhelming standup in a lamentable tight jean/dress shirt combo.  Porno slap bass.

  9. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Apparently, some people are (blissfully) unaware of how Twitter works.

    • Spocko says:

      One of Elaine’s non- “Sponge Worthy” guys finds cache of Sponges, offers them to her for sex.

      Oh, and I know the twitter limit. Long winder reason for people. 

  10. Or, you could just watch Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  11. Zach Wilson says:

    if you’re not reading seinfelt you aren’t living

  12. CBragg says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who, when watching Seinfeld reruns, realizes that 75% of their situational humor could not exist in the modern, digital, always-on age.

  13. Christopher says:

    Jerry’s prison cell mate drops in for a visit. George thinks he’s the same guy who shivved him in the exercise yard. 

  14. jtropp1 says:

    RT@SeinfeldStories: What’s the deal with plagiarism? @SeinfeldToday

  15. greg says:

    Check it out: @ SBTBToday

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