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22 Responses to “Portlandia holiday preview video: "Vagina Pillows"”

  1. Rick Adams says:

    I find this video intolerable because, being from Portland, I have to find a reason to point out that I’m from Portland. And acting upset at something is usually the easiest way to go about that. I’m from Portland.

    • MollyMaguire says:

      Also being from Portland, the easiest way I usually find to go about saying I’m from Portland is to say, man, it sure has changed since I lived there. But back on topic, that was pretty funny. I still mostly know Brownstein from Sleater-Kinney so I always do mental double-take to think that she is starring in a tv show I never watch. 

    • Christopher says:

      So where are you from?

  2. Donald Petersen says:

    I’m so pleased they ended with that particular two-syllable coo.  That’s the Wilhelm Scream of happy baby noises from every diaper commercial, like, ever.

  3. Preston Sturges says:

    So if you fall asleep face down in your vagina pillow, do you wake up looking like you have a cleft palate? 

    (Feel free to work that into the show, guys)

  4. bingo says:

    amusingly enough, I live in Berkeley and saw some women with “uterus” pillows, so this definitely isn’t far from reality.  and Portland residents have to get over it.  every city with an identity and flavor get chided.

    • Missy Pants says:

      When my friend had to have her uterus removed after years of painful fibroids (seriously, her uterus was trying to kill her) I bought her a handmade felt uterus. Etsy.com has all your uterus needs covered, always.

    • Aloisius says:

      Much of Portlandia is far too familiar in San Francisco and Berkeley (Dream of the 1890s might have well been set here).

  5. jimh says:

    “I don’t need a vagina pillow”
    “Nobody does…”

  6. RedZ says:

    Argh! The video appears to be geoblocked.

  7. jccalhoun says:

    I would think that the owners of a feminist bookstore would be sure to distinguish between sex and gender. 

  8. ChickieD says:

    So, was it a boy? Girl?