Sentence fails to start with conjunction


10 Responses to “Sentence fails to start with conjunction”

  1. millie fink says:

    Yikes, can’t think of many worse things than that to have pop up in your public persona!

    (Too bad they didn’t also leave the “l” out of public.)

  2. Just_Ok says:

    Lamb was obviously a plumber.

  3. Nizaris says:

    Damn you, autocorrect!

  4. Tavie says:

    LMAO at your headline. (source)

  5. This mistake has introduced a stick of rhetorical dynamite for debaters: “My friend, with that last point your public persona is starting to show some major ass-cleavage.  I exhort you to pull up your verbal trousers, before the full crevice of your misunderstanding become a source of public spectacle and general disgust. ” 

  6. jimh says:

    However, FAIL.

  7. bryan rasmussen says:

    Ass you know, shit happens.

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