Tower Bridge draws up to let a 50' rubber duck sail the Thames

Yesterday, Tower Bridge's drawbridge was raised to allow a 50-foot-high yellow rubber duck to sail down the Thames. It was part of the launch of "Facebook Fundation, a bursary granting funds and rewards for daft ideas to encourage Brits to have more fun."

Tower Bridge forced to open for 50 foot rubber duck [ITV] (via Making Light)

(Image: thumbnail from "Tower Bridge opens for the giant duck" by Lewis Whyld/PA Wire)


  1. “daft ideas to encourage Brits to have more fun”

    Removing the police state surveillance systems would be fun.

  2. By fluke, I happened to see it and I’m still smiling.  It’s a shame it was a promotion for a gambling website but…

  3. The 75′ loofah was airlifted in, while the 35′ bar of soap just squeaked under.  They’re still working on the logistics for the 100′ tub caddy.

    1. I had assumed it was one of his. I saw his Auckland, NZ one and it was really cool. It’s pretty poor form to copy his work and use it publicly in the exact same way he would use it (floating on/down public waterways)

  4. Next time a ship approaches the bridge and seems too tall to pass under, they could tell the captain to, you know… DUCK!

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