Gillian Anderson returning to TV to play Hannibal Lecter's therapist


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  1. Dean Putney says:

    Who’s playing Hannibal? Anthony Hopkins is the One True Hannibal, it’s blasphemy to have it any other way.

  2. vonbobo says:

    So no x-files sequal?? :(

  3. EH says:

    The series doesn’t start for some time, but the slashfic starts NOW.

  4. liquidstar says:

    This makes perfect sense to me, as I always thought that her Scully character was cast in the mold of Jodi Foster’s role in Silence of the Lambs.

  5. chris jimson says:

    Ohhhh, sounds good, I hope it’s a sit-com!

  6. Preston Sturges says:

    I haven’t seen an outfit like that since the Mike Douglas Show was canceled. 

  7. BedBugCrazy says:

    She didn’t do a very good job of therapy now did she?

  8. Shibi_SF says:

    Oooh, I love Gillian Anderson.  I hope that she can use her ‘real’ accent on TV!  

  9. I’m not sure I understand the premise of a Hannibal Lecter TV show.  Will this be like Dexter where Hannibal only eats bad people?

  10. C.J. Casey says:

    I was never a big fan of “The X File” or indeed anything Gillian Anderson was in… until I saw the 2005 BBC version of “Bleak House.” When that series came out on DVD, I ordered it on Netflix, watched the first episode, sent it back immediately, and ordered it on Amazon. Hands down best Dickens adaptation ever.

  11. Lord Xenu says:

    Hey I’m actually in this! Hannibal is played by Mads Mikkelson (the baddie from Casino Royale). God that guy looks creepy…

  12. planettom says:

    Gillian Anderson was at Dragon Con this year.   She was describing this BBC production she just did, THE FALL, where she’s a British cop sent to Belfast to deal with a serial killer, or something like that.   Sounded interesting.   I hope it airs on BBC America sometime.

  13. 10xor01 says:

    Gillian Anderson?  Thumbs up!

    Anyone making this series at all?  Ack.

  14. Jake0748 says:

    I know… I’m clueless.  I have never gotten the appeal of Hannibal. There’s enough stupid shit in the world without having to follow the adventures of a cannibal?  No matter how erudite he may be.  Somebody clue me in.

    • Jake0748 says:

       But, but… I love the X-FIles and Gillian Anderson. 

      • Brainspore says:

        Did you just arrive here from 1993? I can relate! Because I’m a time traveller from 2006 and seem to be the only one around here who appreciates “Lost.”

    • Halloween_Jack says:

      He’s a minor but plot-critical character in Red Dragon, Thomas Harris’ second novel (and also a minor character in the first movie adaptation, Manhunter). Harris brought him back for Silence of the Lambs, in which he’s much more fully-fleshed out; he’s sort of an ubermensch who eats people mostly because he considers most of them to be little better than cattle. That’s really the appeal of the character; if you have even a little bit of highbrow culture appreciation, if you like good food and art and classical music, and feel alienated by the unwashed masses with their junk food and Jersey Shore and autotuned “music”, then you can kind of dig where he’s coming from: like him, you feel imprisoned by your inferiors, and if you have to escape over the bodies of a couple of hillbillies, what of it?

      Of course, that doesn’t mean that the books themselves haven’t fallen in quality. Harris doesn’t work very fast, and I thought that Hannibal, published eleven years after TSotL, didn’t have much to show for the time; it’s a collection of ever-more-ridiculous grotesqueries, including one scene where Lecter licks the steering wheel of Agent Starling’s car. And that’s not even getting to the main villain, who literally drinks martinis laced with the tears of children. Hannibal Rising spent a lot of time on Lecter’s origin, when the big secret was already told in the previous book.

      You might have guessed that I don’t have high hopes for the series. But, who knows? At any rate, it should do until Anderson finds something better, we don’t see enough of her.

  15. Tavie says:

    Also, SCOTT THOMPSON is in this series. SCOTT THOMPSON. So, yes. That.

  16. Marc Mielke says:

    I would have hoped the HANNIBAL series would be a Food Network production. 

  17. aarrgghh says:

    so … gillian’s gonna be lecter’s harley quinn?

  18. vonbobo says:

    Is that… Is that your flashlight, Mulder?

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