School freaks out because students making a science video with an umbrella were mistaken for school shooters


11 Responses to “School freaks out because students making a science video with an umbrella were mistaken for school shooters”

  1. At the moment, everyone is terrified. Deal with it.

  2. EH says:

    If there are no copycat murderers, we will have to invent them.

  3. Mark Shellenberger says:

    I’m surprised it wasn’t more wide spread phenomenon yesterday.  The administrators had to make a quick decision and the safety of the students was their main priority.

    You and I weren’t there.  We didn’t see the video and we weren’t charged with the safety of a thousand students.

    Alternate reality:
    “I thought it was just an umbrella” says John Smith who was watching the security monitors that day.  “Until the shooting started everything seemed like students acting out a school skit.”  Imagine the second guessing then.

    The students weren’t removed from school.  Everyone had a bit of a scare and it was dealt with professionally within 25 minutes.  It helps that the UD police department is right across the street from the HS.

    • Greg Lester says:

      We’re quick to mock, but I am also sure admins were also thinking of what happened not too long ago in adjoining Springfield Township High when a kid brought a rifle to school.

      • Mark Shellenberger says:

        I wasn’t mocking.  I fully support the actions that the HS admins and police in UD took yesterday.  

        Your addition of the Springfield incident just supports what the administrators did.  Thanks for adding it.

        • Greg Lester says:

           Sorry, Mark, I didn’t mean to suggest that you were mocking, just that the general knee-jerk response online has involved a lot of eye-rolling.

          • Mark Shellenberger says:

            Yeah, I hoped that was the case…the majority of your comment was supportive of mine… sometimes threaded comments can make things less clear. :-)

            I’ve seen commentary of “they have cameras in the HS?” or “what kind of idiot thinks an umbrella is a gun?”. People need to step back and imagine what it would be like to have that kind of responsibility for the lives of all those people.

            A quick, non-lethal response solved the situation almost before anyone knew it was occurring. Students may have been frightened but that’s going to happen…and I say that as the father of a child who will most certainly be frightened when this happens.

  4. OccupyIdeas says:

    This is a reality check for all those who have been calling for school officials to start carrying weapons. If that had been the case at this school, there’s a good chance that these kids would have been shot dead.

    • donovan acree says:

      How can you say that? Did you even watch the video. It was a security guard who alerted administration.

      I don’t see how anyone would have been shot. I suspect you enjoy spreading FUD.

  5. Imran says:

    Just after starting college, a set of my friends and I were held at MP-5 point by several local police  officers, downtown at mid day, because someone saw us flipping the belt on his trench coat around and *assumed* it was an “assault rifle”. This was in the year 2000. 

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