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50 Responses to “Lovely woman reunites family with stolen dog”

  1. Over the River says:

    What smuck steals a little girls’s dog. There is an answer and he was arrested!

    • Why in GOD’S name isn’t anyone saying:   Very very irresponsible to tie up a DOG outside of a store or anywhere these days, especially a pure bred, abd especially the area!!!!!!!   It is a shame we can not do that, however, anyone with 1/2 of a mind, should have realized how irresponsible they were being with this dog!   I cann’t believe that anywhere this was news, that the journalists did not take the time to state that tieing a dog up is leaving your personal property on the street, where there are people who have no scrupples walking along everyday, every minute, every where!!!!!!!!!

      • Over the River says:

        While your point is well taken, why isn’t anyone saying “Why don’t stores allow well behaved dogs inside?” Dogs could be stolen if they have to be left outside to comply with the store’s policy.

        • Petzl says:

          According to all the owners I’ve met: their dog is well behaved, their dog is friendly, their dog doesn’t make a mess.

          I once was bitten by a dog when viewing an apartment to rent.  She said “Oh he doesn’t bite” immediately after she had observed the dog biting me. It was like flash-freezed cognitive dissonance.

          “No dogs allowed” seems a sensible policy for stores.

          • Over the River says:

            It does. I made that comment because the comment below mine said why don’t we blame the girl for leaving the dog outside.

      • Shannon L. says:

        There once was a time when you could tie your dog up for a couple of minutes and run in the store.  Are you justifying the cruel act of the thief?  Lets bring it back around to what this is really about…somebody committed a crime and stole someone else’s pet.  That is just wrong.

      • ohbejoyful says:

         Blame the victim much?

  2. He looks like a Grinch with that Mug.

  3. snagglepuss says:

    Clearly, this is more proof that teachers are thugs, intrinsically opposed to the Free Market that made this country great. What “teacher” has a spare $220 to throw around, anyway ? She must be investigated, immediately, before she poisons the children left in her care with her socialist agenda.

  4. margaretpoa says:

    What a wonderful Samaritan. That’s got to be the nicest story of the day.

  5. BarBarSeven says:

    Folks, the guy’s name is Brandon Bacon? Mentioned & picture shown at around 1:39 in the video? If so, he has an IMDB page right here. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1812240/

    • Marc Mielke says:

      It would be kind of sweet if he shows up to casting calls to ‘what? The dognapper? NEXT!’

      • BarBarSeven says:

        Past roles are described as: Stoner Dude, Car Thief, Pasty Guy (uncredited), Drug Dealer, Man on Sidewalk & Smoker. At least he’s playing to type! ;)

        • exile says:

          Sailing pretty close to libel here – especially if it turns out your accused was 16,672 kilometres away at the time of the crime (which seems like a real possibility).

        • Marc Mielke says:

          “Look, we’re casting for paedophile drug-dealing stoner dude, but we can’t cast a TOTAL MONSTER!”

    • Rusty Badger says:

      Not even close. Brandon Bacon (the alleged dognapper), vs Brendan Bacon, the obscure actor. While facial features can change due to weight loss or gain, a cursory examination of the photos on the IMDB reveal they are not the same man.

      Their noses are distinctly different (straight on the alleged dognapper, and curved on the actor), and their ears are also a dead giveaway (those of the arrested man having attached lobes, while the actor has detached lobes that are quite clearly pierced).

      Furthermore, I would suggest that the actor’s whimsical frowny-face is nothing at all like the soulless glare from the downward-cast eyes of the so-called ‘grinch’.

  6. 10xor01 says:

    Moral of the story: don’t leave your dog tied up outside while you go shopping.

    • BarBarSeven says:

      Moral of the story: Living your life in fear is not a life. Yes, dogs get snatched in cities. Especially small dogs. The solution? Don’t change your behavior. Just get the dog chipped.  And have faith in others. Don’t let one crappy actor from Knowing ruin your life.

      • 10xor01 says:

        I think you’re confusing fear with responsible pet ownership.  Yes, please get the dog chipped.  But don’t put them in situations where they’ll bear the consequences of your “fearlessness” should something unexpected happen.

        Do you wear seat belts, or lock the door when you’re away?  Being rational isn’t the same as being fearful.

      • Sure, a chip is essential in helping to recover a pet that’s escaped or been stolen and recovered. But it’s not going to help much if your dog gets stolen to be used as bait in training fighting dogs. So, get your pet chipped AND don’t tie them up outside alone when you go shopping.

      • Keith Benoit says:

        It ain’t the actor guy. Stop saying that it is. Not funny.

        • Snig says:

          Maybe he’ll get the role in the eventual Disney movie.  Brendan Bacon IS Brandon Bacon in the role of his lifetime. They can CGI him the appropriate earlobes.  The dog will of course be played by Andy Serkis

    • autark says:

      The dog didn’t even appear to be tied up. 

  7. Marc Mielke says:

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are like the cutest dogs ever. I’ve been seeing a TON of them recently for some reason. 

  8. Mitchell Glaser says:

    If the little girl had been armed with a Bushmaster this never would have happened.

    • rattypilgrim says:

       If the dog had been armed with a Bushmaster this never would have happened.

      • If we had a force of armed volunteers guarding every dog in the country this never would’ve happened.

        • Halloween_Jack says:

          If the dog had a chunk of C4 on its collar that was wired to a proximity alarm that went off once it got a certain distance from its owner (when armed), it would have happened only once.

  9. rattypilgrim says:

    Micro chip your dog. That’s the least you can do if you really want to find it should the worse scenario happen.

  10. M. B. says:

    Who the heck leaves a small, easily picked-up dog (or any dog, for that matter) tied up outside of a store in a large city. In a small rural town where everyone knows everyone? MAYBE. I’m glad the kid got her dog back, but I sure hope her and her mother learn a lesson about responsible pet ownership from this.

    • Sinabhfuil says:

      Blame the victim
      It’s always fun
      Blame the victim
      Even if it makes you look dumb

      • autark says:

         It’s not blaming the victim to accurately point out that this mother was irresponsible.  If she had left her daughter unattended outside of that store would you still be saying this is blaming the victim?  Come on, you gotta draw the line somewhere on irresponsible behavior. 

        That dog didn’t even look tied up in the surveillance video. It’s called neglect.  Who knows what that poor dog is yet to suffer?

      • Sparg says:

        An bhfuil Gaeilge agat? ;)  Sin é!

    • Halloween_Jack says:

      The kind of small rural town that can develop a meth problem overnight? Yeah, perfectly safe. 

  11. Keith Benoit says:

    Dog snatched by Bacon. Man bites dog.

  12. Mike Hathaway says:

    Wow a good example of Chip Your Dog.  Unless the stolen dog is used as bait for dog fighting, at some point it will be sold and hit the vet, At least where I am there is a law requiring all new vet patients be scanned for existing chips, and animal control does it when you get a dog license (they also hard sell chipping the dog if the scan shows nothing.)

  13. Gloo says:

    One of the things that always amazes me, as an European, with you folks from the U.S.A. is how some of you are always willing to pay, whatever the reason for, even when you are told it’s free. And there are others who always take the time to publicly give away the names and references from any one who his supposed to have done something they consider wrong. Don’t feel offended please, that’s not my intention to be perceived as rude or offensive. That’s just how you are in our strangers eye, like the two sides of a medal. It’s just the facts, not a judgment of intentions :o)