Wedding proposal hidden in a Kinder Surprise Egg

Matthew wanted Lori to marry him, so he secretly dissected a Kinder Surprise Egg and loaded it with a custom toy containing a down-on-one-knee robot version of himself complete with tiny toy engagement ring, resealed it, and gave it to Lori. She said yes, because of awesome.

We used to buy Kinder Surprise Egg candies for each other all the time. If you aren’t familiar, it is a chocolate egg that contains a tiny, whimsical toy with assembly instructions inside. They are so much fun — maybe too much fun — sadly, the US banned them from import a few years ago.

Matthew painstakingly took apart the chocolate egg and replaced the toy inside with a small robot figure and illustrated instructions on how to assemble him into a tiny MatthewBot on bended knee. Also inside was my amazing ring! He then reassembled and rewrapped the egg to look virtually untouched.

Kinder Surprise Egg Marriage Proposal (via Neatorama)


  1. His astonishing work simply putting the foil back on without causing suspicion is worthy of great applause.  Adding a ring and personalized robot inside only ups my awe.

    1. I agree. I would have completely screwed it up. I suspect maybe he had more than one egg so he could get a complete wrapper, but even just taking it off without messing it up, then putting that back on believably, I think that would be a feat. Then taking the egg apart and back together – another possible source of total failure. Seems like a thoughtful and personal proposal. Plus, dude, nice ring!!! 

  2. Now that they have changed the wrapper (at least in the UK) this would be almost impossible. 

        1. The wrapper’s the same – I saw these on the shelf this morning actually, along with other easter products and thought ‘already’? I used to eat a lot of Kinder eggs ; p

  3. Sweet. I also like the fact the robot/figure is one of my obsessions from a few years ago, Stikfas, Mechana Robot FTW, BTW.

    1. There used to be a “Russian” grocery store near me that carried them. Wonder what else he may have been importing?

    2. I brought two cases of the things to SDCC one year for my IRC group, no one said a thing to me, though I’m sure the hotel maids would have a few choice words about all the toys and chocolate bits in our hotel rooms…

    3. In the UK the ‘fun’ has been removed for health and safety reasons. 

      Each egg now contains a pre-assembled lump of coal. On the bright side, kids can burn it to keep warm.

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