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10 Responses to “"ABC of Architects" animation”

  1. Ashen Victor says:

    Just one thought: Calatrava con go f*ck himself straight to hell! 

    • stillcantfightthedite says:


      • Ashen Victor says:

        Overpriced projects, repetitive designs, horrible cost overruns, stupid design decisions, insecure bridges, putting intellectual property over user safety, involvement in several corruption schemes, chronic delays, unusable spaces, non eco-friendly buildings, buildings inaccessible to the disabled, defection from his own country, a 20 million € mock-up, and general deep assholery.

  2. stillcantfightthedite says:

    While Calatrava certainly isn’t a saint, neither are/were many other famous architects.  Frank Lloyd Wright, for example.  Can anyone name a famous architect who’s buildings were always completed on schedule, under budget, and functioned properly (i.e. no leaky roof) and were very personable and nice people?  I’m actually interested to know.

    • GuyInMilwaukee says:

      That’s a pretty high bar you set for the kind of buildings these starchitects design. That said, César Pelli seems like a pretty nice and competent guy.

  3. el capullo says:

    Not including Buckminster Fuller and his Geodesic dome makes this list ridiculously incomplete.

  4. That was nice but I was puzzled to see “Secession building – Vienna” on there. That’s a little like saying, “Victorian brownstone – New York.” Not exactly one of a kind.

    • Frank W says:

      FYI: That’s not a Secession building, it’s The Secession Building. The Wiener Secession’s club house.