"ABC of Architects" animation


Andrea Stinga and Federico Gonzalez created this delightful animated "ABC" list of 26 influential and important architects and their buildings.


      1. Overpriced projects, repetitive designs, horrible cost overruns, stupid design decisions, insecure bridges, putting intellectual property over user safety, involvement in several corruption schemes, chronic delays, unusable spaces, non eco-friendly buildings, buildings inaccessible to the disabled, defection from his own country, a 20 million € mock-up, and general deep assholery.

  1. While Calatrava certainly isn’t a saint, neither are/were many other famous architects.  Frank Lloyd Wright, for example.  Can anyone name a famous architect who’s buildings were always completed on schedule, under budget, and functioned properly (i.e. no leaky roof) and were very personable and nice people?  I’m actually interested to know.

    1. That’s a pretty high bar you set for the kind of buildings these starchitects design. That said, César Pelli seems like a pretty nice and competent guy.

  2. Not including Buckminster Fuller and his Geodesic dome makes this list ridiculously incomplete.

  3. That was nice but I was puzzled to see “Secession building – Vienna” on there. That’s a little like saying, “Victorian brownstone – New York.” Not exactly one of a kind.

    1. FYI: That’s not a Secession building, it’s The Secession Building. The Wiener Secession’s club house.

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