White House quotes Vader


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  1. Cornan says:

    I honestly loved this. Credit to Paul Shawcross (and/or his staff) for this response. I enjoy having at least one person in the Federal Government who acknowledges that the past 60 years of human history happened and isn’t afraid to not be super serious every once and a while.

  2. franko says:

    SO MUCH to love here.

  3. BDiamond says:

    That’s a quote from Obi-Wan, isn’t it? (“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”)

  4. Wayne Dyer says:

    The Vader quote is beyond the subject line, folks.  Reach out with your feelings.  And read to the end.

  5. rastronomicals says:

    Best. Administration.  EVAR.

  6. Mr. Winka says:

    A clever way to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Bush would’ve just built the death star so he could blow up Iran.

  7. Dan Hibiki says:

    Shame that the rest of the petitions are for opposing gun regulations.

  8. jimh says:

    Love the agency:
    Commercial Crew and Cargo Program Office (C3PO)

  9. tw1515tw says:

    I’ve he’d picked up on a parsec being a unit of distance, not time, it would have been perfect. It suggests Paul Shawcross isn’t a scientist or doesn’t watch American Dad (which is where I learnt about the error).

    Still a great response.

    • Alexandros says:

       Hey, lets be fair. He just quoted Han Solo there, who got it wrong in the first place. And you just don´t correct Han Solo. You don´t do that. Just don´t.

      • Stooge says:

        IIRC, the backfill that stops Han looking like a doofus is that the Kessel Run is measured in distance rather than time as shorter distances indicate the taking of shortcuts through unspecified perils which other smaller-balled pilots in less manoeuvrable craft would not risk taking.

        • Michael Rosenbloom says:

          A different backfill, that may have (iirc) come from the original script, has Han just making it up as sales talk to fool Luke and Obi-Wan, and Alec Guinness wasn’t into the movie enough to give a suitably dubious expression.

      • CH says:

        And who says the Kessel Run was about time, and not distance, anyway?

    • EvilSpirit says:

       He’s an MIT-trained aero/astro engineer. I’m sure he’s aware of the issue with Han’s script.

  10. Now, had this been Ronald Reagan’s administration…

  11. Just_Ok says:

    However, in Star Wars, Obi-Wan said this when they were, indeed, the droids they were looking for. So, the administration is trying to say that this WAS the response they were looking for, but to not look.

  12. The only thing that would make this perfect would be the GOP protesting this decision since it would mean that America’s enemies will get the jump on them.

  13. Marc O'Cleirigh says:

    Quotes Vader..
    quotes Vader..
    quotes vader


  14. pharmavixen says:

    The Republican Party: never will you find a more retched hive of scum and villainy.

    • James Penrose says:

       “Retched”?  Are they throwing up?  Wretched, perhaps? :)

      Problem is, they are running/ruining the country (both parties are doing the latter in truth) while you’re all making juvenile Death Star jokes.

  15. mysterymoil says:

    If the US is going to go ahead and mint those platinum $1Trillion coins, then $850,000,000,000,000,000 becomes a payable balance, yes?

  16. James Penrose says:

    Amusing as this is, it also gives ammunition to those who would want to ignore or silence the public voice.

    This will be trotted out and waved around as indicating how unseriously Americans really take the petition program and how much time and money the government must waste in “catering” to and answering foolish people.  Think about that the next time anyone tries to get laws passed to create national referendums for stuff we don’t trust to Congress?

    In many ways, they’d be right.  How much harder does it become to get a real signal through when the noise level is too high?

    “…and the people fiddled while the American Republic burned” may be taught in future history classes

  17. This was basically the perfect response to the petition, lets just hope the entire system doesn’t just get bogged down with endless imitators.  

  18. min amisan says:

    There’s the reality of (earthling) government for you: prance about and throw power around like the Galactic Empire, but when it comes to the crunch, can’t actually build a Death Star.

    • TWX says:

       Is there even enough metal on the planet to build the Death Star?  And if there’s not enough metal on the planet to do it, is there enough metal in the mine-able part of the solar system to build one?

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