Baby elephant rescued from well in India

"This calf was part of a herd, and was probably a lookout sent to scout the area and signal the others if it finds food. The animal probably did not see the well, and fell in as a result."

(Via Arbroath)


  1. After seeing awful stuff like, it’s nice to see the other side of the coin.

  2. I’m amazed the elephant, climbed out of the hole with all of that noise, and then pressed forward under the backhoe.  That being said, who’s brilliant idea was it to park at the end of the escape route.

    All in all, job well done, though.

    1.  I suspect the elephant started climbing as soon as there was a path, and they did not get an opportunity to move the backhoe that was used to make the path.

      1. (Really?  We’re doing elephant jokes?  COOL!)

        “Waiter, what’s that elephant doing in my water?”

        “Looks like the backstroke. . . “

  3. I saddens me to think that at the rate of ongoing habitat destruction and poaching, they’ll all be gone in a few (relatively speaking) years anyway. All the big cats (in the wild at least) will be gone in my lifetime, too.

  4. Doesn’t look like a well to me, looks like a heffalump trap. I wonder if it was baited with haycorns or honey?

  5. Jeez, guys, why don’tcha scare the hell out of the little guy? I mean, I’m glad they got the little critter out, but holy crap, does everybody have to scream their bloody heads off the whole time they’re working on it? WTF?

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