Space Age bachelor pad hi-fi

NewImage If my home was the Discovery One, I would listen to my space age bachelor pad music on this Rosita Stereo Commander Luxus stereo paired beautifully with Grundig Audiorama 8000 HiFi speakers, both c.1975. This particular set is from the Aediorama blog, but I learned about the Rosita Stereo Commander Luxus from Spencer Hickman of Death Waltz Recording Company who recently acquired one with which to better enjoy his label's freaked-out horror soundtrack reissues.


    1. If it were playing 78s I can picture it dancing slowly across the room like a washing machine full of sneakers in a spin cycle.

      1. It’s a Hi-Fi and it’s a seismograph!

        I wonder if the guy who designed the VT100 was groping for design concepts when he looked at his stereo and said “Wait a minute!”

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