Ode to Joy performed on broken crockery

Mennyi made a video in which he performs "Ode to Joy" by kicking broken plates around under an overpass of some kind. I suspect trickery, but in the service of a very good cause.

Shard football: Ode to Joy (Thanks, mennyi!)


    1. The fact that I could retune the sounds while editing the clips together in Logic makes it seem “inauthentic” to me. But who cares- it’s a decent idea, well presented.

    2.  I suspect he may have used more than one plate’s worth of pieces, but almost certainly a Lot of kicking pieces around to get all of the notes he needed.

      I wonder if there’s software that will tell you when all of the specific sounds it needs are recorded?

  1. I think this is legit. There is a building at Cornell where if you throw pebbles at the tiles outside, each tile makes a different note. Probably a similar material.

  2. Sounds like a keypress on a synthesizer at the beginning of each note, leading me to believe it’s one kicked shard, sampled in A, and then played back on a synthesizer keyboard. Still a cute video though!

    1. There are definitely different video clips for the different notes, but all occurrences of each note are played with the same video clip.

  3. Back in the day: newly married, preggo and making pickles. 
    The Hub (percussionist, composer, Elementary School music teacher) is hanging out and I am slicing, dicing, getting my brine just right, the jars sterilized in time and all that wonderful canning dance. 
    One of the joys/angers of my life: watching him hearing the tones as the wooden spoon strikes the stainless steel bowls, the glass jars, the faucet.  Pretty soon he is filling up different vessels with just the right level of water and tuning them till he can tap this out: the opening bar of The Ode to Joy. 
    He totally threw me off my pace and production as he focused in till he got it right.  Just had to let it happen and rejoice when it did. 
    Life with a musician. 
    Miss you, babe.

  4. Is this video a sneaky comment on the state of the European Union? 
    Nevernind, it’s awesome either way.

  5. Very nice, now, did you sweep that up carefully when you were done, or did you just create a hazard for cyclists?

  6. If you like this kind of thing (which I judge as authentic), check out Mystery Guitar Man http://www.youtube.com/user/MysteryGuitarMan . Some of his videos are done with regular instruments (though in very irregular ways), but some are done with “non”-instruments (phone books, powertools, anything). He is one of the most consistently creative (and positive) persons that I’ve encountered online…

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