How the public perceives magic

Conjuror Paul Wilson sez, "I've released the third film in our Unreal Works series, examining the real world of magic and magicians. 'The Perception Of Magic' discusses the public's idea of magic, how it's changing and what magicians can do to elevate the image of their art."

The Perception Of Magic


  1. Ok, they convinced me.. and I want to see “real magicians”… but… I have no idea where to go to see them…

  2. Why would a practice based entirely on deception have a PR problem? Deception and secrecy… dig your own way out.

  3. This whole thing is awesomely rife with self-parodying quotes.

    “In general I think there is a sense among, you know, actors and ballet dancers and filmmakers that magicians can buy an act. And, you know, they’re not wrong!”

  4. Watch the woman disappear. Or as a magician never appear. Magic has a problem treating women as either eye candy assistants or, as in this video, completely non-existent. So even a middle aged guy like me, sort of wonders about an art form that seems to have this sort of trouble. It makes it hard to concentrate on the illusion when magicians have the same problem classic clowns do- they, and their tradition, comes across as sexually creepy.

    I love great magic and illusions. I know there are plenty of talented people out there doing it. But the sleazy sexualized magician is the main problem. 

  5. Does he quote Seinfeld?

    “I don’t think anything competes with a magic act for humiliating entertainment value. What is the point of the magician? He comes on, he fools you, you feel stupid, show’s over. You never know what’s actually happened. It’s never explained. And that’s kind of the attitude the magician seems to have as he’s performing. It’s like, “Here’s a quarter. Now it’s gone. You’re a jerk.” Sometimes they ask you to blow on it. There’s something mature adults like to do, blow on a deck of cards. I also love that little pretend look of surprise they do when the trick works. Like, “Oh, I didn’t know that was going to happen myself. I even amaze me.””

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