How science discovered the supertasters


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  1. Brainspore says:

    Please allow Professors Flansberg and Linnell of TMBG University to explain.

  2. bazzargh says:

    So the tongue-bump experiment was to lick embossed letters and see if you could recognize them. Supertasters could taste P when the rest of us, thankfully, could not.

  3. Stefan Jones says:

    They need to breed these people with tetrochromatics to create a race of sensory uber-beings.

  4. ObeyMyBrain says:

    For me it is not a superpower that I would have asked for. I have a very bland diet as I avoid flavorful foods as they are too intense. Although I do wonder how normal tasters perceive “bland food” as even something like plain white rice has flavor to me.

    The article did leave out the non-tasters. The Wikipedia article says that the population is about 25% non-tasters, 50% medium tasters and 25% super-tasters.

  5. Athene G says:

    I agree with ObeyMyBrain, it’s not a superpower I really like having.  But, that’s because I happen to have one of the common comorbids…  Selective Eating Disorder.  Which basically is “Super picky, but to the point of being downright neurotic”.  I used to have panic attacks at the thought of eating peas!  And also, as wiki points out, us supertasters are way more prone to capsacin burn.  I personally can’t eat spicy things at all.  I can’t even eat things that other people assure me “aren’t spicy”, because I can feel that heat even if they can’t.  Sucks when trying to pick restaurants and everyone wants mexican or sichuan or indian.

    • ObeyMyBrain says:

       Very much the same issues with picky eating with me. I have eaten the same breakfast every day, rice chex for probably 8 years now and only switched to that when I developed horrible stomach pains from the almonds in Honey Nut Cheerios (get the same pains from eating cherries, damn cyanide). I get a great deal of anxiety when going out to eat because it will mean having to pick something that I likely have not eaten before. When Dominoes changed their recipe a few years ago I stopped getting it because it was too peppery. So yeah, I hate food because food hates me. I do wish I could eat more variety.

  6. Larry Evans says:

    I taste many things I touch or smell. Different parts of the tongue tingle or has some different sensation with certain smells than others. If I shake hands with a smoker or a meth head – I can taste it. 

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