Extreme multi-purpose tarp -- great for casual Fridays

Finland's Varusteleka sells a multipurpose "Jerven Fjellduken" tarpaulin that you're meant to wear, sleep under, and sleep in. It makes you look like a well-camouflaged Nordic Nazgul.

Jerven bag, those are almost words of power among hunters, outdoorsmen and soldiers the world over. Jerven has been making the Fjellduken since 1982, besides the obvious hunting trips and hikes the Fjellduken has seen action in Afghanistan in the hands of Norwegian and Danish special forces.

You won't find any hi-fi bullshit in your Jerven bag, the technical bits start and end at the zippers, that's it. All of Jervens products are made and developed by the very same people who use them. The unique design and materials make the Jerven bag an incredibly versatile and high performing piece of equipment. This is not your standard modern trinket, which relies on never ending lists of one after another more trivial properties and features to impress people, this is simple perfection at its best!

Jerven Fjellduken Extreme multi-purpose tarp / sleeping bag (via Making Light)


    1. You’re going to want to click through and view the model showing other possibilities.  I think you and I can both agree on that delight.  Which of us he’d prefer, I couldn’t possibly know.

    1. I logged in here specifically to see whether anyone had mentioned that yet. I mean, seriously. It almost has to be on purpose, doesn’t it?

    1. They had to say that because obviously anyone that wears one of these rigs is going to be scoring major cooze.

  1. I have a weird appreciation of moss patterned camouflage, as well as simple and practical tools. If I was going to live in some remote mountains as a forester, I’d take a hatchet, a reliable rifle, and something like this.

  2. Krikey! 350 Euros!

    The zip-on sleeves are nice (“armings”).

    Keep in mind military ponchos have zip or snap in linings, so this is not really unique.  

    Ponchos are good because in a serious ice storm you want to keep your gun covered so the firing pin does not freeze up.

  3. The best part is that if you can get enough of the Fjellduken, you can seize control of Arakis, and thus the universe.

  4. I like the ad copy.  “The Fjellduken is crafted by the mortal men of Jerven as Thor and Odin
    have pressing politics to attend to, thus however wonderful the
    Jervenbag is it still obeys the laws of physics.”

  5. Whoa, who killed the couch?

    Practical outerwear, or Doctor Who villain? You decide.

    Last sight of more dumbfounded enemy combatants than any other poncho.

    Do you suppose the have it in extra-large, or just Lars?

  6. Didn’t IBM’s recent trend finder state that, “the well-camouflaged Nordic Nazgul will be all the fashion rage for 2013?”

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