Vivere also makes the best chair hammock stand

Long-lasting and exactly what I wanted the Vivere chair hammock stand will be with me for years.

I have kept a Vivere double-hammock on my deck for nearly 10 years, in a super harsh marine environment. It has barely achieved a patina of corrosion. I and others have spent hours and hours swinging gently in it. Now, I have added a chair hammock.

I went with a Komorebi hammock chair, as the stand does not come with one of its own. This combo is super comfy and if I can remember to take the chair in at night it should last a very long time as well.

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Extreme multi-purpose tarp -- great for casual Fridays

Finland's Varusteleka sells a multipurpose "Jerven Fjellduken" tarpaulin that you're meant to wear, sleep under, and sleep in. It makes you look like a well-camouflaged Nordic Nazgul.

Jerven bag, those are almost words of power among hunters, outdoorsmen and soldiers the world over. Jerven has been making the Fjellduken since 1982, besides the obvious hunting trips and hikes the Fjellduken has seen action in Afghanistan in the hands of Norwegian and Danish special forces.

You won't find any hi-fi bullshit in your Jerven bag, the technical bits start and end at the zippers, that's it. All of Jervens products are made and developed by the very same people who use them. The unique design and materials make the Jerven bag an incredibly versatile and high performing piece of equipment. This is not your standard modern trinket, which relies on never ending lists of one after another more trivial properties and features to impress people, this is simple perfection at its best!

Jerven Fjellduken Extreme multi-purpose tarp / sleeping bag

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