The Cave Singers - “Easy Way” (free MP3)


7 Responses to “The Cave Singers - “Easy Way” (free MP3)”

  1. Kristian Sorge says:

    yeah I love this band.  

    have seen them a few times.
    wish more people loved them as well..

  2. BookGuy says:

    Can’t recommend this band highly enough.  Go seek out all their previous work, too.

  3. BijouxBoy says:

    25 years ago a band called The Clean from Dunedin New Zealand (Flying Nun Records) created this sound with their label-mates. 

  4. avraamov says:

    ‘The Cave Singers continue to sound like nobody else.’


  5. camnotthebutler says:

    I was thinking the same as bijou boy, that’s a great version of the Dunedin sound.

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