Delacroix painting defaced with Truther slogan

Police questioned a 28-year-old woman who allegedly scribbled "AE911" with a sharpie on Eugene Delacroix's Liberty. [Reuters]


    1. Fortunately we still can, thanks to art restoration techniques. Apparantly the damage was “superficial”.

  1. I’m sure she thinks of herself as conservative and law-abiding.  And somehow Obama is at fault.

    Edited to add: no info on if this alleged perpetrator is French or American. If American: what was she doing in an art museum in France? Not the usual Tea Party destination.

      1. Wow, what a weird factoid to report.  Is it meant to be a clue that she is, in fact, French (or maybe Belgian, since it’s in the north) without officially revealing her name?

        1. To be sure, not every country shares the U.S.’s predilection for broadcasting the identities of people upon mere accusation.

          1. But this is neither fish nor fowl: not reporting the name, and yet hinting at it.  The BBC didn’t have to say anything at all.

            Edited to add: your prejudice is showing….the link was to a BBC report, but you somehow assumed it had to be from the US.

        2. What makes it ridiculous is that it makes you think of something like Ghislaine de la Rochefoucault, but the most common surname in France is Martin, with Thomas, Robert and Richard also in the top ten.

          1. Because at one time it was hard to say if it was the French ruling Britain or the British ruling France, or if there was even any distinction between the two peoples.

    1. I’m not normally a violent person, but I’m also not sure I could stop at simply tackling them. There would be blood.

    1. Why would anyone do that any people?
      Paying for restoration and a simple conviction for trespassing and property damage should be enough. Could be coupled with a few days of community service. I suggest removing Graffitis from public buildings.

      1. This is becoming a common form of protest, and I’d prefer to keep our cultural heritage intact, thanks. She can do ten years in prison.

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