Finally, Fu Dogs to call my own

New Fu. Photo: Jason Weisberger.

In my early twenties, I became fascinated with the idea of having a set of Fu Dogs. They are beautiful and come chock full of fantastic magical powers. I like magic.

They are typically made of stone in male/female pairs, with the male resting his paw on the world and the female mothering a cub. My pair is made of wood and were architectural elements resting over the door and under the eaves of a now-destroyed temple. They also lack the world/cub depiction but something beyond the incredible workmanship and beauty caught my attention.

I saw them a few weeks ago as I was wandering around San Francisco. I loved them but I've been looking for so long, and these were a bit out of my price range, so I walked on. Earlier this week I decided to look at them again. After wandering the city for four or five hours trying to remember where I found them, I gave up. Today, I tried again and discovered them on my first try.

Welcome home!

You may notice a large number of Superb Owls in my living room.