Being too cute is hurting the slender loris

Slender lorises are adorable, squirrel-faced primates with huge, sad-looking eyes. Sadly, their cuteness is working against them as poachers have started capturing them for an illegal pet trade and wildlife photographers have taken to capturing and harassing the poor things. Eye-damaging spotlights, sharp, prodding sticks, and people who scoop you up in your usual stomping grounds only to dump you miles away from home — it's hard out there for a slender loris.


  1. What’s the fun in that?

    When I saw the Loris in the wild for the first time, it was in the middle of the night, in a chance sighting, after waiting for hours in a forest service bus…

    That same night, a leopard tried to climb our bus!

    This was pre-digital-photography, so any shots we took turned out to be blank. Still, what’s the point if somebody captures the animal and parades it in front of you? That’s what zoos are for!

  2. Unless… we start a rumor that, at night in captivity, they turn into evil, vicious little devils that will eat your eyeballs and toes.

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