"Ma'am, you have an owl in your grille"

A woman is surprised to find an owl trapped in her SUV's grille as she runs errands. WSVN reports. It happened near Yeehaw Junction.

GIF below.

(Matt Richardson via Boing Boing Community on G+; and GIF via Dean Putney)


  1. I’m impressed that the Great Horned was as docile as it looked. Hope it survived intact. Great Horneds are magnificent birds.

    1.  It was probably exhausted from being stuck in there for so long. It doesn’t look too hurt from what little I can tell in the video. I hope it got released home again after some medical care.

  2. MECHANIC: Ah, yeah, there’s your problem.  Owl.
    WOMAN: How much is this going to cost me?
    MECHANIC: Well, first thing you have to figure out is if this is a metric owl, or a standard one.  I’ll call you after I get in touch with my distributor. . .

    1. And you just know that there’ll be some kind of special de-owler tool that only Ford makes, and the generic de-owlers you get from Pep Boys won’t work with Ford vehicles…

  3. An owl got stuck in my classroom in third grade. I say stuck, but it may have stayed there willingly, it looked quite comfortable. It caused quite a commotion and my classroom became the most popular place in school that day.

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