TOM THE DANCING BUG: Obama's Secret Legal Technology for Drones

Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH "News of the Times" uncovers President Obama's classified legal technology development program for drones.

By Ruben Bolling

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Published 11:45 am Wed, Feb 13, 2013

23 Responses to “TOM THE DANCING BUG: Obama's Secret Legal Technology for Drones”

  1. TimSalinger says:

    Ha, as if we’d ever know this much about the drone program!

  2. Forced2Register says:

    ahhahahahha, I really enjoyed it! thanks Ruben! :-)

  3. John Napsterista says:

    Awwww! I love the mini-panels with Drone seated in the classroom and then having his coffee at work! I hope Drone becomes a recurring TTDB character and/or plush toy!

  4. Jellodyne says:

    I always thought those Predator drones were a little too soft and fuzzy. A few years at law school should fix that. Of course there’s a chance they’ll start chasing ambulances.

  5. Andy Simmons says:

    Decimate?  Really?  So, it would take like ten of these drones to actually eliminate a target completely?  That doesn’t seem very efficient.

    • Kimmo says:

      Common usage has it as more like 90% than 10%; misconception has spawned yet another definition.

      Also, full marks for this one Ruben, text notwithstanding.

    • Ipo says:

      The Theban Legian supposedly was decimated until there weren’t ten left.  The word decimation is frequently used as a synonym for the word “annihilate” which the OED lists as meaning “to reduce to non-existence, blot out of existence” .

  6. MattAtDoyle says:

    Why does the drone get an office with a window?

  7. Deidzoeb says:

    Tom Tomorrow is slightly ahead of the game. He already has drones teaching constitutional law, and retconned one of them as Obama’s mentor.

  8. dasanjos says:

    10 Internets for the first to identify the city in the last panel!