400 Years: a game where you strategically wait in order to overcome obstacles


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  1. The headline had me rolling my eyes, but this is actually an awesome idea – I thought it was going to be some kind of conceptual thing, but you could take this concept pretty far.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      When I worked in the hospital, a lot of my co-workers were in a constant state of conniption trying to make things happen Right This Second.  After about a year, I discovered that 90% of those things happened on their own if I just waited ten minutes.  Not only did I have much more time to devote to doing a better job; when I did have to contact another department to get something done Right This Second, they responded immediately because they knew that I wasn’t prone to conniptions.

      • Plus life lessons! Good stuff.

      • ocker3 says:

         Today I called central office to start getting a problem resolved and the person on the phone was surprised by the amount of information I had ready at hand to give them without being asked for it. I’ve just learned from experience what is needed and have it to hand rather than wait to be asked, it saves everyone’s time and the people I speak to more than a few times are usually happy to hear from me.

      • The Chemist says:

        You’ve mentioned working at a hospital before, and I’m working at one now, and I sense we both had/are having similar experiences. I don’t even do anything important there and I feel the crushing weight of bureaucracy and mismanagement that seems to be common in hospitals.

        It’s completely changed the way I view the industry.

        • Antinous / Moderator says:

          Hospital culture definitely varies by organization. When I worked at UCSF, we all complained a lot, but after working at Kaiser SF for a couple of years, UC seemed like Plato’s Republic.

  2. originalritz says:

    It’s like Braid but altering time by the year instead of momentarily. I guess that’s why your character is a rock!

  3. Mr. Son says:

    It’s fun to think of some rock guy wandering into town one day, then just standing there perfectly still for years.

  4. Kenmrph says:

    Makes me think of one of my favorite short films, “Das Rad”: http://vimeo.com/7867746

  5. oasisob1 says:

    Too late, the world has burned to ashes… Success is fun, too, sort of.

  6. SamSam says:

    A lot like Braid, which was one of the most incredibly original games I’ve ever played (and have never managed to finish it). Just a single dimension, instead of braiding time and space through themselves, of course, but a lot of the feeling is the same.

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