C3PO dress

The "Gold Metal Man Dress" by Etsy seller GeekyU1 is a pretty good stab at a C3PO frock. Made to order for $200.

Gold Metal Man Dress (via Neatorama)


    1. Agreed.  It’s nowhere near the same color as C3P0.  It looks full-on copper, less brassy-gold, which always seemed more C3P0’s look.

      Red Gold is even an alloy of gold and copper, but this still doesn’t quite cut it – C3P0 dress my ass…

    1. Be careful with such pronouncements. As soon as you say this, someone Out There will order a C3P0 RealDoll ™, and you’ll feel eerily compelled to try it out.

  1. The models’ poses are ridiculous. Why do even DIY designers insist on photographing their clothes on women who are standing in ways no sane woman would ever assume? Particularly out in public in front of what is probably a yarn store? And don’t say those poses showcase the clothes better because that is a very wrong answer. It just looks DUMB.

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