Scientists tell Gawker, "It's probably okay to eat your own poop"


32 Responses to “Scientists tell Gawker, "It's probably okay to eat your own poop"”

  1. Daneel says:

    I guess I’ll have to rethink dinner then. Such a pain when you have to prepare multiple meals.

  2. Christopher says:

    If he were still alive I’m sure the Marquis de Sade would consider that mostly good news. 

  3. bo1n6bo1n6 says:

    Milk Milk Lemonade around the corner Fudge is made.

  4. MB44 says:

    Just make sure to wipe that shit-eating grin off of your face when you do.

  5. Stefan Jones says:

    Also, it’s probably okay to eat Little Debbie snack cakes, but not after they’ve been chewed by other people.

  6. emo hex says:

    You know why your poop is tapered on the end. . .

  7. cleek says:

    99 out of 100 pinworms surveyed agree.

  8. And now I know there is such a thing as a fecal transplant, and Google tells me it is administered through the nose.
    So long, internet! See you tomorrow!

  9. Gyrofrog says:

    I, for one, have better things to do.

  10. skeptacally says:

    once again, it seems, i’ve been doing it wrong.

  11. bzishi says:

    Aww, nuts!

  12. Stooge says:

    I still want to see The Human Centipede put to the test on Mythbusters.

  13. timquinn says:

    This can only end in one way; fractal shit.

  14. Brainspore says:

    Those scientists are the same guys who tried to get other kids to eat worms in Kindergarten. They’re really just placing bets with each other to see if Gawker will really do it.

  15. macegr says:

    Where’s the urine chaser?

  16. TheOven says:

    Diggers never get sick. It’s the source of their super powers.

  17. The human gag reflex evolved in response to poop not being healthy to ingest (for apes). Dogs and cats having an obviously altogether more robust digestive system have less problems with that.

    Now it may be that modern humans poop isn’t really bad for you. On the other hand, maybe mother nature got it right during the eons it needed to train primitive rodents to not eat their poop while becoming apes.

    I’ve got no desire to test that theory, at all.

  18. Jeffrey Martin says:

    This woman most assuredly says that it is perfectly safe to eat the poop of up to 5 other people in one sitting. (it is totally SFW)

  19. LogrusZed says:

    I still wonder how some porn performers do so much ass to mouth  and don’t get giardia or something. Minty-fresh antibacterial anal douche?

    • ocker3 says:

       2-3 hours of special prep just for anal

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        Or, you know, a recent shower. Most people in the first world don’t have shit crusted around their assholes. If by anal prep, you mean enemas, that seems more likely to transport the cooties from the inside to the outside.

        • LogrusZed says:

           I would think the dick actually going up in the anus would do that too.

          • Antinous / Moderator says:

            I think that most people finish the rimming before they start the fucking.

          • LogrusZed says:

             Either I’m communicating poorly or you’re wonderfully innocent of the intricacies of A2M.

            To clarify: Penis goes in to anus, penis comes out of anus, penis goes in to mouth. So the penis, which has been inside the anal cavity (where I presume some feces still resides even if Gene Simmons was doing the rimming) goes into someones mouth transporting fecal matter.

        • ocker3 says:

           I’m not exactly sure, the article I’m basing my information on didn’t say exactly what was involved, but the top-flight porn star agent was qouted as saying that for his client to do anal during the shoot would require her to spend an extra 2-3 hours getting ready for it. As the other commentors have mentioned, the ass isn’t always the last place the guy’s penis goes during the shoot, it can head for other places right afterwards. Better to have the lady’s anatomy as clear of potential hazards as possible. I understand it can involve enemas, but not just one, enough to actually empty the last portion of the bowel of just about everything.

  20. Marios P. says:

    thats what Gawker has ended up to. plain shit

  21. good news for ass-to-mouth porn actors….

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