Fitbit Aria Scale

I have worn a Fitbit activity tracker for a long time. I enjoy it and the calorie estimation based on my 'daily activity' is really helpful in managing my weight. I figured I should try out the Fitbit Aria, their wifi enabled scale.

It is beautiful and does what it claims -- ONCE YOU GET IT TO CONNECT TO THE INTERNET. My experience was terrible and it doesn't seem uncommon. You need to have a very basic home configuration with DHCP active and few repeaters or extenders.

That said, now that it is online I am happy. At $130 it probably costs too much for what it is, but that is the price of early adoption. If you aren't a Fitbit user, it makes NO SENSE at all for you.

End of day, its just a scale with wifi but I enjoy it.

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale