Man in Japan assaults airport inspectors over pudding

Asahi Shimbun reports that several pudding containers in the baggage of a Chinese man returning from Hong Kong were seized by airport screeners. In response, the traveler assaulted the security officer who done stoled his puddin.

As @HubrisSonic noted, that must have been some damn fine pudding.

Pudding will make you slap somebody.


    1.  Came here for Barry and Levan.  In 3 posts no less.  Not disappointed at all.  Good show, Boing Boing.

  1. I’m about as big a fan of pudding as there is, which is probably why, if I had several plastic pudding containers, I wouldn’t mind if someone tried to steal them. I’d be giving the damn things away. I have yet to find a brand of plastic pudding cup whose pudding didn’t taste more like plastic than pudding. 

    1. One of my most vivid childhood memories is of eating homemade chocolate pudding and watching It! The Terror from Beyond Space! on television.

  2. If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding! How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?

  3. i was about to point out that maybe “puddin” might be the more appropriate form of the word after “done stoled his…”…but then I got saying the word “puddin” to myself and forgot everything else.

  4. That’s nothing compared to all the Hot Pocket related mayhem in the US, which seems to be a frequent cause of violence between roommates. 

  5. Pedant’s note: the article talks about “purin” which is the Japanese word for creme caramel, not the generic term “pudding”, for which Japanese has no word (other than “puddingu”, which isn’t used in the article).

    Just thought I’d mention that in case anyone was wondering what the exact nature of the pudding in question was.

    1. Mind you, which foods the word “pudding” refers to in English actually depends on where you live.

  6. SCP-1363 “Giga Pudding”. Object class: Safe. SCP-1363 is a “Dessert Creation Kit” for a creme caramel pudding produced by the Japanese company ██████ ████. In it’s assembled state, SCP-1363 is capable of causing [DATA EXPUNGED] in the minds of adults who assemble the dessert. SCP-1363 appears to have no effect on children, however, requests for introducing instances of SCP-1363 to SCP-███ will be denied. Affected individuals will begin to exhibit protective behaviour towards SCP-1363, and will do whatever is necessary to protect it, including, but not limited to, [REDACTED]. See Incident Report 1363-A for full details. When asked about SCP-1363, exposed individuals will describe it either as “him” or “her” and seem to believe that the object is their own child. In some cases, approximately ██%, individuals will feel a compulsion to take SCP-1363 out of the country, citing a desire to go “home”. Regardless of their former home, they will now always describe it as being in ███-█-█████, Afghanistan.

  7. I’m confused- why did we have that huge contest to find a song to replace “Happy Birthday to You” when society had this pudding song all along?

  8. Some celebrate according to the lunar calendar, not the Gregorian one. Feb 10 was New Year’s Day.

    Chinese culture places great emphasis on the traditions of New Year, which include–you guessed it–savory puddings unlike the dairy/Cool Whip-based stuff in the Western world. The original article’s in Japanese but pudding-assaults aren’t common, so I’m guessing these were puddings intended as gifts for relatives.

    Think of this way: these are ancestral tokens, not sweet gooey treats. You MUST give them to your relatives at this time of year, or you’re dissing your entire family line. This isn’t the latest plasti-packed glop from Lotte (which by the way is a Korean company–try telling that to your Japanese friends, priceless reactions).

    The recent flap between China and Japan over nearby islands (returned to Japan by the USA, along with Okinawa, in 1972–but traditionally Chinese) hasn’t helped Sino-Japanese relations. Lunar New Year is winding down so perhaps the Pudding Skirmishes will also.

    1.  You are totally on the mark.  I read recently that the Chinese confess over the last 2,000 years they “really moved their minds when it comes to food”, but civilisation and politics … not so much.

      I love that the cultural collision froths into physicality over some puddings, but the Senkaku and other islands with all their reserves of hydrocarbons and fish remain a balancing act.

    2. “try telling that to your Japanese friends, priceless reactions” 

      Their response was, “yeah, I know.” 

      1.  Also, Lotte was founded in Japan (by somebody who happened to be from Korea) and later expanded to Korea.

        And yes, Japanese generally do know that.

  9. This is like the episode of the Sopranos where Christopher was treated badly as a customer at a bakery and shot the bakery counter clerk in the foot.

    He didn’t do it because of some donuts.

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