The Art of Harvey Kurtzman at the Museum of American Illustration: exclusive preview


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  1. euansmith says:

    I love his work on the “war comics”. It is so free; like a cross between Jack Kirby and Hugo Pratt. All dynamism and shadows. If only Rob Liefeld would follow his lead.

    Great lettering too. Kudos to whoever was responsible.

  2. lavardera says:

    I have a couple of SVA student comic books from the era when Kurtzman was teaching at SVA in the 80s and editing the school comic publication. I always wondered if they were worth anything. They have some pieces by Boing Boing fav Drew Friedman in them too. Some of the comics are not good, but many are very interesting. Drew’s stuff was brilliant, even back then.

    I should scan some of it and post it to the g+ stream.

  3. Art says:

    A great American artist and visual innovator.  Mad, starting with the original paperbacks, were my bible growing up in the 50′s. 

  4. normd says:

    I MUST go to NYC and see this show!

  5. kiptw says:

    I was thrilled to meet Kurtzman in ’84, a quiet, polite shell of himself (at least that’s how he appeared). I got to ask him a stupid question at a panel — presumably, the answer was out there already in fanzines, and I should have known already — and he kindly signed an Executive’s Comic Book (“Where did you get this?”). Robert Crumb was there, and I think he sat in the audience like everybody else to watch his idol speak. Right there he was, the man who generated the most potent, powerful, mind-altering, concentrated doses of personality-altering comic books ever. It was a superb convention in many ways, but just seeing Kurtzman was the greatest honor.

  6. normd says:

    Thanks for the link- crumb’s comments are pretty interesting.

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