World's largest panorama: London


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  1. The controls feel backwards. I want to click and drag the background, not pilot a camera around.

  2. Peter Hollo says:

    Why have they got the click and drag backwards? I’m someone who changes the post-Lion OSX scrolling back to what I find natural, but this is actual clicking. And dragging. Not a flight simulator.
    Actually makes it really quite hard to use.

    Edit: Oh, also what the commenter above said, oops!

  3. Stefan Jones says:

    I wish I had a map for reference. What little I know about London comes from a few history books, and is centered around the river.

    • Logolepsy says:

      Here you go. Tha panorama was taken from this location:,-0.139058&ll=51.521168,-0.138837&spn=0.003331,0.003578&num=1&t=m&z=18

  4. Windex says:

    So much about this is wonderful.  I enjoyed looking at the reflection in the back window of a small red car in Fitzroy Mews.  The reflection shows BT Tower.  I can see the tower fine, but I can almost imagine seeing the cameras as well.
    Thumbs Up!

  5. Cowicide says:

    CowTip: Don’t leave any important documents with your social security number or whatever on them by any windows in London.

  6. waking11 says:

    No, but I found the disembodied torso on Tottenham Court Rd.

  7. Marios P. says:

    I can’t believe there isn’t a single couple engaged on sex acts pressed against a glass window somewhere. Please someone proove me wrong!

  8. MythicalMe says:

    This is stunning!

    Having never been to London, though, I’m not sure what I’m looking at. I did find the Olympic stadium and I think Buckingham Palace.

    As you are zooming in, there seems to be a point where the image blanks then  resolves to a telescopic image, pull back out a little and the image again blanks and you’re back to a brighter non-telescopic image. Having used telescopes, it’s like changing the focal point quickly.

  9. skimedic says:

    I found “Buzby,” and apparently that means you’re supposed to enter a contest.

  10. peregrinus says:

    The only building I can’t find is the BT Tower.  Weird.

  11. rtresco says:

    This must be a Sunday morning, or London traffic is a treat. Also, Dick Van Dyke lead me to believe the rooftops of London were a little more magical.

  12. Jeffrey Martin says:

    Hi, Author here.

    1. Sorry about the panning direction. We’ll work on getting a button to toggle click/drag and “look to” behavior.

    2. It’s a real honor to be here. Thanks for the kind words! The project was so big, the software choked, and it really did drive me batshit crazy. I basically turned into the guy from “The Monkey Chow Diaries” for 3 months. 

    Finally I’m returning to normal. Cheers everybody!

  13. daev says:

    Dammit.  I’m gonna need a bigger PC.

    /beautiful bit of work, gotta say…

  14. euansmith says:

    Its been lovely knowing you all… but… I think I saw the Slenderman reflected in one of the windows… I won’t tell you where… save… your… selves…

    • Jeffrey Martin says:

      No. It’s only the last “major error” that I didn’t fix, because I ran out of time. An error like this would normally take 30 minutes to fix, but with this size dataset and the software’s problem with the amount of data, this takes about a week to fix :( I will fix it soon, hopefully.

  15. Talk about a panopticon…

  16. glittertrash says:

    I feel like I’m operating a real-life version of that magical imaging software in crime shows that can “enhance” around corners and from miles away. It’s a really amazing experience to navigate, it feels much more like an environment than an image- are there any plans to extend it with, for instance, a map layer or similar in future?

  17. sqrrlwrench says:

    Those little mini cranes on rails on the rooftops; are they required by building codes in London?   Seems like they’re on the roofs of anything built after a certain date.

  18. I looks like it was a cold and lonely day:

  19. PrettyBoyTim says:

    Oooh – a lovely shot of Alexandra Palace:

    Site of the world’s first public TV broadcasts.

  20. PrettyBoyTim says:

    And of the Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal Football club (yeah, they just beat Villa 2-1) #BTTowerView

  21. pepsi max2k says:

    shockingly detailed – can just about read documents through people’s windows. not sure if this is good, bad, or just time consuming… :o|

    • Pobol Pobotrol says:

      It must be early closing on Wednesday afternoons.

    • rtresco says:

      At this link, if you zoom out a tad from these gentlemen and go up to the rooftops behind them you will see a rooftop playground/soccer pitch for a school…and then just below the playground you will see a small roof area where all the soccer balls have gone to die.

  22. PrettyBoyTim says:

    One of my favourite street names:

  23. sborgeson says:

    If this took 90 minutes to capture on equipment costing about $100k and 4 months to assemble on two computers, is no one else wondering what you could do with a $1B budget and a whole data center at your disposal? Live video panopticon? Facial tracking 3D panopticon? From now on, I’m sticking to thoughcrime!

    • Jeffrey Martin says:


      The 4 months was mainly to get it NICELY aligned and blended. If you don’t care about artistic merit and aesthetic quality, you can probably get this whole thing online in a day.

      However, the optics are more or less stretched to the limit, and air is not transparent, so this aspect of the image is, I believe, taken to the farthest extreme that today’s technology allows.

  24. digitalmonk says:

    Here’s a fellow who’s chopped in two:

  25. Mike Gust says:

    This is amazing. Kudos. I used to have to stitch together small panoramas for movie scouting. It could be extremely frustrating. I couldn’t imagine what it took to manually put this together, even with all the advances in tech. 

  26. violentbloom says:

    It doesn’t seem like the largest…

    there was the view from the shard at dusk: also Will Peterson’s view from the shard:

    • twianto says:

      Now I’m not an expert but from what I can tell, both of them are just a fraction of the resolution of this project. Granted, the second one is much better than the first one you linked to (which you can’t zoom at all really) but it’s still much, much less detailed.

  27. Brianfit says:

    Wow. All those TV antennas, and no analogue TV signals going out in London anymore? Harvest and recycle startup ideas, anyone?

  28. benher says:

    Nifty bar sign here (note, maybe not a bar):

    And a few random scalawags, hoodlums, and ruffians up the block on their way for a pint no doubt! ;)

  29. Antlan says:

    So far, I have only found one building with solar panels.

  30. eviladrian says:

    Well, it took 18 hours, but I finally found Wally!

  31. peregrinus says:

     A Renault Segway.   You lie down sideways controlling the vehicle with a dash mounted mouse, watching a screen below the dash.  150 of them were produced in 2007-2008, but most ended up in Tokyo.

  32. Luke Butcher says:

    It looks like the front and the back of the car have been conflated by the image-stitching program. The hand belongs to the driver, he’s resting it on the dashboard; you’re looking at the windscreen, not the boot.

  33. DreadJester says:

    Well you don’t have to be so serious lol.  I mean it’s pretty obvious what really happened.  More fun to pretend for just a moment that this is a real world image and that’s a real world item……..

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