"Castration by clamping" leads to court conviction for UK nullos

Ion Ciucur, 29, a Romanian man living in Gretna Green in Scotland, this week pleaded guilty to conspiring to cause grevious bodily harm. Ciucur was charged over "extreme body modification incidents" including two that involved "castration by clamping." These were filmed and posted on a website, "eunuch maker," maintained by another participant in a UK-based nullo group.

Three men previously admitted removing body parts belonging to [alleged nullo group ringleader Marius] Gustavson, who is originally from Norway and now lives in Tottenham, north London. Nathan Arnold, 48, from south Kensington in west London, admitted the partial removal of Gustavson's nipple, stealing anaesthetic from Chelsea and Westminster hospital where he worked as a nurse and possessing extreme pornography. Damien Byrnes, 35, from Tottenham, north London, admitted removing Gustavson's penis. Jacob Crimi-Appleby, 22, from Epsom in Surrey, pleaded guilty to freezing Gustavson's leg, which had to be amputated.

No sentences have been applied yet, and further court hearings are scheduled next week.

I asked Midjourney to imagine "a 1980s magazine advertisement for an elaborate family board game named Eunuch Maker". It declined at first, but I overturned the verdict by clicking "appeal."