Marriage proposal in the form of a physics paper

Redditor bogus_wheel is a physicist in Sydney, Australia. Her boyfriend of seven years submitted a marriage proposal in the form of a physics paper that tracks their relationship (with a graph!). It is a beautiful piece of physics romance!

My boyfriend of 7 years and I are both physicists. Here's how he proposed to me. ( (Thanks, Mark M!)


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  1. theophrastvs says:

    textbf{nice} use of LaTeΧ, as well.

  2. ldobe says:

    Well, I’ve got my daily D’awwww.

    That’s awesome.  Congratulations to them!

  3. Hegelian says:

    I love the error bars in the graph :-)

    I’m wondering, though, is this a published, peer reviewed proposal?

  4. Petzl says:

    “[T]he author proposes [...] the indefinite continuation of the study.”

    So romantic!

  5. Bink Binkerson says:

    This is non-peer-reviewed hackery.   Send it to the Museum of Creation Science,  Futtbuck, Kentucky.

  6. Keith Achorn says:

    I hope it survives the peer review process.

  7. Peter Hill says:

    I know that graph! It is a reproduction of the one on this page:

    It uses different random data and looks to be done in python rather than matlab, though.

  8. alesloan says:

    “Hang on, are you saying you had a CONTROL GROUP while we were already DATING?”

  9. Matthew Heberger says:

    I am a bit concerned that their happiness, while increasing over time, is also showing increased variance.

  10. One paper in 8 years? ONE PAPER IN 8 YEARS!?! And it’s only a single page with what appears to be a nonsense graph ripped off from the internet.

    With a bit of hustle from the research team we could have had a respectable 3 body problem and been studying the gravitational effects of elementary school.

    Cut the program, we can’t afford lazy research like this.

    (I kid, I kid. Congrats to the research team.)

  11. cellocgw says:

    I, for one, am foolishly pleased to see the publication date is my birthday.

  12. Science Girl says:

    Who says scientists aren’t romantic?

  13. Stephan says:

    He’s only projecting into the next four years?
    That sounds about right ….

  14. dbandal says:

    So happy to see the upward curve and all data trending in the right direction!

  15. crummett says:

    That is so, uh, I’ll guess, romantic?

  16. They say love is double blind.

  17. russ cochran says:

    imagine the offspring, that blend of chromosome are going to be brewed to perfection date: time: level of excitement:…. but when it gets here… oh sh*t the babys just puked on me how can i put this theory into better practice…. evolution man!

  18. russ cochran says:

    and i just thought wtf will the stag do be like? vegas watch out…..

  19. Kate Dunn says:

    I love it!! But I am a scientist, and my non-scientist boyfriend doesn’t think it’s quite so great…

  20. starstar says:

    How about happiness after marriage, I hope it still goes uphill.

  21. zombiebob says:

     but seriously, I wish much continued love and funky molecular bonding for the happy pair bond

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