Blondie's "Heart of Glass" time-stretched into 30 minutes

Blondie's "Heart of Glass" time-stretched into 30 minutes of glorious weirdness. (Thanks, Dave Gill!)


  1. This is almost exactly like that cock-rock ambient mix that surfaced a couple months ago. Pretty sure it was posted on the Boing. Loving this Blondie thing, though. Delicious noise.

    1. I bought a 5 cassette carousel player as is a few years ago, finding when I brought it home it had only one defect:  it played the cassettes at about 175% normal speed.  I found the only thing remotely listenable in my collection was Enya, when sped up sounded similar to REM.  rock-tempo with melodramatic overtones.

    2. Bit like this:

      edit: listen to the longer tracks.

  2. For a less meme-y weird take on this song try DHR genius Shizuo (RIP)’s somewhat uncharacteristic track “Blondo” from Shizuo vs Shizor:

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