Elfquest: I can't leave them

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  1. Awwwwwwwww!  The last panel makes my heart happy!  And I like that the reason why Sunstream hasn’t sent out his “uber send” to connect all the elves on the World of Two Moons is illuminated.

    But now I’m worried about what’s going to happen with Skywise “flying solo.”

  2. This scene didn’t come out of nowhere. Skywise did miss out on raising his own daughter, but he was there to help raise Sunstream. Just remember that scene in Kings of the Broken Wheel #2  where he helps little Suntop cope with  his “old noisy skull” by swinging him between the wolves with Cutter.

      1. Actually you can read about in the All but Blood story line- If I remember correctly its the last story in that book. It takes place before “The Discovery” story and is very moving.

        1.  thanks, just did! I somehow skipped that one when I was catching up before the Final Quest pages started.

    1. When he entered the Palace – the Egg – and was guided by the FirstComer – forgot her name, the one with white hair – and Savah of the Desert Tribe, also one of the FirstComers – he was put into a cocoon where he underwent a transformation to enhance his gift of telepathy and potential to unite all the tribes. He came out physically different from his Wolfrider family who is short in stature. He now resembles more to the FirstComers – the first elves who came to the place they now inhabit.  Upon his transformation, he was also given a new name – from Suntop to Sunstream. I assume “stream” is a tribute to his telepathic gift which is different from the “sending” ability that elves have. Strangely enough, the Wavedancers resemble more closely to the FirstComers physically other than the water-related features such as gills and webbing.

      However, to me, he will always be Suntop, the darling little boy well loved by the Wolfriders. :-)

      1. I just read Full Circle that David Miz linked to above. Sunstream definitely gets his new tribename there, when he is still shorter than Cutter. Go read it, it’s really good!

      2. Editing my earlier comment. Savah isn’t a firstcomer, she’s a child of them like Ekuar, and Sunstream gets his new tribename in the story linked by others. But you’re right about the transformation and his name would be fitting with that interpretation as well, it is shown to be that in the other story as well.

  3. Yeah, not sure where everyone is getting that Sunstream got his new name from the Wavedancers – has nothing to do with the Wavedancers, although it works nicely with his new affiliation with them! :)

    Read “Full Circle”. It’s a great story.

  4. Aaaww, nice to see that Skywise still thinks of Yun.  Can’t wait to see the wise looks everyone gets when Skywise and Leetah say that Sunstream stayed so he could be a dad.

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