Baja in my Westy: Side tracked by Disneyland

I got side tracked by Dinseyland. On Thursday AM my traveling companion Jenny landed at LAX. She'd never been to the Magic Kingdom and we had a day to kill before heading to San Diego. What else could I do?

It was amazing. We had a wonderful time and even I, a far too frequent visitor, found some new things to marvel at. Most interestingly, we had an incredible customer service experience.

For some strange reason we were admitted to California Adventure at a time it was closed to regular guests and only open to Annual Pass holders. We didn't have bracelets and were turned away from the few attractions we wanted to see. Upon returning to the Grand Californian, I mentioned my surprise at this to a cast member (are they cast members if they work in the hotel?) and then went to meet Jenny in the bar. A few moments later Steven, a member of the hotels management, came and found me. He apologized and then told us that our visit to the parks was on Disney. He credited us back the cost of our tickets and invited us to enjoy the park the next day. It was completely out of the blue and I was shocked. Steven made two fans for life.

We had a wonderful time and then Jenny drove us down to San Diego. Her first experience behind the Jupiter 2.3's wheel. We met up with another couple, also joining this VW caravan to see the whales, and had a lovely dinner.

By the time you read this we should be in Mexico. I hope the next update includes some prettier pictures. I am also planning to document the kitchen set up I put together for the trip, the camera gear I chose to bring, and all the other various bits and pieces I've thrown together, especially the van-mounted BBQ.

I hope I have internet connectivity!


Baja in my Westy:driving to Mexico in an '87 Volkswgen bus

Baja in my Westy: ready to leave LA