Unicorn wigs

Etsy seller GimmCat makes multihued wigs with integrated unicorn horns (tails and assorted ponyana as well): "This sale is for the mischievous Snips style My Little Pony costume wig for cosplay, fantasy costumes, conventions, raves, Renaissance festivals, Brony costume or just because! This wig is especially suited for males wishing to take part in the My Little Pony fun!"

GimmCat (via Geekologie)


  1. A unicorn wig looks awesome, but then my boss is like all “This is a professional business! You can’t wear that in the office!” Bronyphobia is an ugly thing.

  2. Where was this artist a few years ago when I was putting together my Andorian costume for Halloween? Well, my homemade version worked out pretty well.

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