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20 Responses to “Beach House video starring Ray Wise”

  1. Kenmrph says:

    Ray Wise looks like he’s aged a good 5 or 6 years since Twin Peaks

  2. penguinchris says:

    The song is strongly reminiscent of some of the music from Twin Peaks, but definitely less weird by itself (the Twin Peaks music is bizarre even separated from the show) – which they then make up for with the weird video of course.

  3. Mere words cannot express the ineffable bliss that suffuses my very being as a result of viewing this video. 

    The owls are not what they seem. 

    And damn, it’s great to see Ray Wise. We have the same initials, you know.

  4. naufragio says:

    I like the Eric cameo midway thru — in case you weren’t sure what you were watching, here’s a tip…

  5. millie fink says:

    Thanks, I thoroughly enjoyed that shit.

  6. Man… seeing Beach House live must melt your brian

  7. ebiii says:

    Holy Shit that was nice!  I’ve been working on a music video recently (mostly 3D rendered) and I could not help seeing this piece as a storyboard.  The director is genius.  The shots just melt together.  Really, really well executed.  And yeah, that Twin Peaks feel to the music.

  8. feetleet says:

    The shit you fogeys got named. 

  9. robuluz says:

    The song is awesome, I’m gonna look these guys up. I’d probably prefer a more traditional treatment for the video, I think Eric’s style is a little shouty, but that probably just means I’m an old fart who doesn’t ‘get’ the kids these days, so you know, why do I bother.

    Edit: Just listened to Bloom on Youtube. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. Just reminiscent enough of Cocteau Twins to stir me, while not really sounding anything like them. Thanks Amy!

    Edit edit: After some thought, I think my comments above are restricted to the work as a video for the song. viewing the song as a soundtrack to the video, I enjoy the whole thing much more.

  10. Preston Sturges says:

    R. Crumb would have liked those cheerleaders.

  11. Drabula says:

    Excellent stuff. Kind of in the same category as Serafinowicz’s Hot Chip vid.

  12. vonbobo says:

    LOVELY! (sorry for shouting!)

  13. holygoddamn batman.

    beach house = awesome

    ray wise = awesome

  14. Doc_S says:

    From us over here in B’more… you’re welcome. ;)  And y’all just think we’re a vast swath of The Wire punctuated by running gun battles.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      And y’all just think we’re a vast swath of The Wire punctuated by running gun battles.

      I always thought that you lived in a vast swath of early rock and roll punctuated by 300-lb drag queens sex-dancing down the streets.