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Amy worked in the record business at Enigma, Elektra, Virgin and Sub Pop before she got sucked into the technology vortex. She co-founded the Backwards Beekeepers, a chemical-free urban beekeeping collective in Los Angeles. She runs digital marketing for the Los Angeles Philharmonic and The Hollywood Bowl.

20 Responses to “Beach House video starring Ray Wise”

  1. Kenmrph says:

    Ray Wise looks like he’s aged a good 5 or 6 years since Twin Peaks

  2. penguinchris says:

    The song is strongly reminiscent of some of the music from Twin Peaks, but definitely less weird by itself (the Twin Peaks music is bizarre even separated from the show) – which they then make up for with the weird video of course.

  3. Mere words cannot express the ineffable bliss that suffuses my very being as a result of viewing this video. 

    The owls are not what they seem. 

    And damn, it’s great to see Ray Wise. We have the same initials, you know.

  4. naufragio says:

    I like the Eric cameo midway thru — in case you weren’t sure what you were watching, here’s a tip…

  5. millie fink says:

    Thanks, I thoroughly enjoyed that shit.

  6. Man… seeing Beach House live must melt your brian

  7. ebiii says:

    Holy Shit that was nice!  I’ve been working on a music video recently (mostly 3D rendered) and I could not help seeing this piece as a storyboard.  The director is genius.  The shots just melt together.  Really, really well executed.  And yeah, that Twin Peaks feel to the music.

  8. feetleet says:

    The shit you fogeys got named. 

  9. robuluz says:

    The song is awesome, I’m gonna look these guys up. I’d probably prefer a more traditional treatment for the video, I think Eric’s style is a little shouty, but that probably just means I’m an old fart who doesn’t ‘get’ the kids these days, so you know, why do I bother.

    Edit: Just listened to Bloom on Youtube. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. Just reminiscent enough of Cocteau Twins to stir me, while not really sounding anything like them. Thanks Amy!

    Edit edit: After some thought, I think my comments above are restricted to the work as a video for the song. viewing the song as a soundtrack to the video, I enjoy the whole thing much more.

  10. Preston Sturges says:

    R. Crumb would have liked those cheerleaders.

  11. Drabula says:

    Excellent stuff. Kind of in the same category as Serafinowicz’s Hot Chip vid.

  12. vonbobo says:

    LOVELY! (sorry for shouting!)

  13. holygoddamn batman.

    beach house = awesome

    ray wise = awesome

  14. Doc_S says:

    From us over here in B’more… you’re welcome. ;)  And y’all just think we’re a vast swath of The Wire punctuated by running gun battles.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      And y’all just think we’re a vast swath of The Wire punctuated by running gun battles.

      I always thought that you lived in a vast swath of early rock and roll punctuated by 300-lb drag queens sex-dancing down the streets.

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