Two tesla coils in concert


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  1. Art says:

    Those are some great looking Tesla Coils.

  2. I saw the analogous show at UIUC EOH in 2008. They were being driven by MIDI from Lippold Haken’s Continuum Keyboard. Here are some blurry but colorful photos:

    …and a couple of short videos (turn your volume down):

  3. ldobe says:

    When used as a musical instrument, I’ve heard the term Zeusaphone attributed to a pair of Tesla coils.  I find the fanciful name endearing.

  4. Gilbert Wham says:

    WHY NO VIDEO BOINGBOING? Man, I love me some lightning-based PA system…

  5. Ian Wood says:

    Those look like Stark Industries coils.

  6. Jessica N. says:

    I have cell phone videos but the quality isn’t very good.  The event was awesome!

  7. Joel Emmett says:

    Didn’t I see this already in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice?

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