Things, organized neatly: a kentucky site for knollers

Things Organized Neatly is a Tumblr devoted to excellent knolling photos in which things are, well, organized neatly. Zomg, but this tickles something vulnerable in my hindbrain. Show here: a RepRap (in bits), and Cannoli in Buenos Aires.

Things Organized Neatly (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. You know you’re _too_ into 3D printers when you recognize the model from just the ratios of the rods in in the top 1/6th of the picture.

  2. You cannot “knoll” food dammit, I have not been knolling every time I bake cookies that happen to be in line on a sheet. You crazy, crazy bastards.

  3. I remember seeing a tumblr that was a bunch of pictures that were designed to make a person with OCD crazy…  Basically like the above, pictures of things organized in nice neat rows or patterns, but with one little thing just slightly off.  Pretty funny.

  4. Not everything is lined up perfectly (for example, the pink packets in the lower left corner) and it’s making my teeth itch.

    1. Those kooky little cylinders along the left edge that vaguely resemble hydraulic lifters out of an old Ford V8 are bugging me.  But not intolerably so.

    2.  On the tumblr, the photo with the three spoons, the right most leaf is not center. Also the picture of the paint rollers, the handle of the one around 2 o’clock sticks out. My teeth also itch. but overall I like this tumblr.

  5. The music collection from March 6 is unusually psychotic.  Who arranges their records by sleeve-spine hue?

    Oh.  Of course.  You do.

    Rather attractive.  And I begin to see the sense of it all.


    1. I decided to organize mine by date, but the problem was that some don’t have it on the copyright (and then some are the same year, etc). But then I joined discogs and once I got everything entered in the machine did all the thinking I didn’t need to do.

      Except for the obscure ones that are more likely to not have the date on them.

    2.  One of my children was left by aliens.  Or some such….she’s unlike anyone else in the family.  After months of viewing her books strewn all over the floor of her room after we moved, I was struck by a moment of brilliance: I suggested that she arrange the books on her bookcase by color.  Yes, my inner being shriveled to the size and aridity of a forgotten raisin rolled underneath the refrigerator.  But within days, all the books were up.  I can do nothing but shake my head in disbelief whenever I go in there.  Who the hell arranges books by color?

      Aliens, apparently.

      1. I arrange books by color. It seems like the easiest way to find a book when I want it.

      2.  I go with size, then subject, to fit/fill the shelf.  Most of these are grammars and dictionaries  Looks like the closer to my chair, the more organized. 

  6. I feel no impuse to knoll, thankfully.  It’s only by piling things up that I have room to get things done.

    The face in the upper-right corner of that pic is creeping me out, though.

  7. I love to knoll when cooking and fixing a laptop… other than that, just put it all in a pile ;)

    1. Thank you! Maybe we can start a tumblr for people who just heap things up in a big pile.

      I saw the face too; I would say the RepRap has very mixed feelings about the experience.

  8. This made my day, that’s my picture of RepRap parts.  I straightened up the bearings on the left and adjusted the spacings between photos but then submitted the wrong photo to TON.  

    Thanks BB!

  9. As one who lives in the state of Kentucky, I’ve never seen “Kentucky” used as an adjective before … Is this a British usage that I, and Merriam Webster are unaware of? Please define.

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