Kickstarting a Victorian ghost movie starring puppets, with in-camera effects


14 Responses to “Kickstarting a Victorian ghost movie starring puppets, with in-camera effects”

  1. Gendun says:

    The number of Kickstarter plugs I’m seeing on Boingboing exceeds my appetite by an order of magnitude. FWIW  $.02 ymmv etc. 

  2. SumAnon says:

    Pedantic Thoughts: H.P Lovecraft wrote ghost stories?  Not really.

    • Kevin McTurk says:

      I agree…(The Director here)…I am referencing Lovecraft for less of the ghost story aspect and more of the gothic themes Lovecraft explored.  The narrator of my film finds himself not able to escape an ancient malevolent force that is connected with his family’s property…and that the Lovecraft-iness I was referring to.

  3. Bucket says:

    Malkovich? Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich. Malkovich! 

  4. Garymon says:

    FWIW I appreciate the KS posts. 

  5. Dan Hibiki says:

    wooden Elijah Wood puppet. The only thing that can possibly be creepier then the real Elijah Wood.

  6. Sean Lavery says:

    Had a Spinal Tap moment there when I read that as 30′ puppets.

  7. What does Chris Parnell have to do with this?

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