The Upsetters' "Kung Fu Meets the Dragon" (1975)


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  1. fumier says:

    What does a rasta say when he runs out of weed? “What’s this shitty music?”

  2. darladoon says:

    I hate to sound like a total bummer here, but Lee Perry has WAY better albums than this.  This is maybe the 130th best.  Seriously, I’m not trying to be a jerk, and I’m not kidding.  

    If you don’t know anything about him (and I’m not referring to the author here, but those readers interested in dub), these are the only three Perry albums you really ought to own:

    1. The Upsetters – Super Ape
    2.  The Congos – Heart of the Congos
    3.  Jah Lion – Columbia Collie

    These albums are so ridiculously good, that the next best mixer (arguably King Tubby) doesn’t really have anything that comes remotely close (except maybe King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown).

    They are in a class of their own, not only within dub/reggae, but within the entire universe of sound throughout history.

  3. IlluminatedOne says:


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