Transcripts of bullying voicemails left by porno copyright troll to ex-caretaker and alleged identity theft victim


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  1. Popehat says:

    “I’m saying this as a friend, as well as opposing counsel” is perfect for a photoshop meme.

  2. Popehat says:

    By the way, in evaluating what Steele’s intent was in leaving these messages, consider this:  he’s implying that Cooper is somehow in default or failing to respond to legal process in a timely fashion.  But Cooper wasn’t.  Cooper, through counsel, timely removed the three state cases to federal court.  He wasn’t late on any response to the lawsuit or discovery responses.  (Indeed, once it was removed to federal court, where discovery is strictly controlled, Steele couldn’t just hustle him into a deposition.)

    It’s patently bogus and a transparent attempt to intimidate a witness.

  3. Sarge Misfit says:

    I have a new word for people like Steele …


  4. Sekino says:

    You, like, just know you’re dealing with someone who, y’know, has all his ducks in a row…

  5. angusm says:

    I Am Not A Lawyer, but something tells me that dictating your threats to a recording device might not be the smartest possible thing to do, particularly when you’re engaged in litigation and have already committed some possibly criminal acts. As I say, I have no legal training, but I have a feeling that this type of behavior could end up hurting you somewhere down the line.

    Still, at least Steele’s decision-making has the merit of consistency.

  6. nosehat says:

    Is it this John Steele, who claims specialities in legal ethics and in “Professional Responsibility”? If so, this kind of irony is no longer funny to me. It’s just par for the course, and actually kind of sad.

    I know this “ex-caretaker” was a kind of property manager he’d hired for some houses he owned out of state, but every time I hear the term I can only image a kind of professional babysitter for out-of-control adults.

    • rekoil says:

      Wrong John Steele. This John Steele is based in Illinois, his firm was Steele|Hansmeier, PLLC but is now Prenda Law.

  7. Christopher says:

    So I highly recommend you at least, you know, follow the rules…

    Mr. Steele is a little like Alice In Wonderland: he gives very good advice but seldom follows it.

  8. Coyoty says:

    People keep spelling Pretender Law wrong.

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