DRM-free label for all your DRM-free stuff

Kxra sez, "Defective by Design, the Free Software Foundation's campaign against DRM has just released a new graphic to mark DRM-free works on the web. The DRM-free label quickly communicates the DRM-free status of files, increases in value as more distributors adopt the label, and adds value to being DRM-free by linking to an informational page about DRM. The logo is already in use by O'Reilly, Momentum, the Pragmatic Bookshelf, and Magnatune. It is available in a few different styles with source files under CC-BY-SA 3.0."

New and improved label for DRM-free files (Thanks, Kxra!)


  1. Nice. The more freedom is pushed into mainstream commerce, the more the population at large will treat it with the respect and admiration it deserves.

  2. I doubt this graphic will propagate if for no other reason that it has a double-negative that just automatically makes one cringe.

    1.  Yeah. It should be in a green circle since they seem to be riffing off the  iconography of the NO symbol. (crossed out circle)

  3. Am I the only one to think that there should be a big-red-ugly label for DRMized files, and leave the DRM-Free products as “the norm”. Every time I’m taking a picture that I’m uploading on the web, every time I’m pushing *anything* on the Internet, “DRM-free” is by-default.

    DRM-included are result of a process. And this process should be labeled on the product.

  4. Is a BY license appropriate here? If I use the logo on my DRM-free product, I also have to include a credit for it somewhere in it? 

  5. As the designer I would like to note that the design is intended to play off of or even mock the cliche “anti-DRM” iconography that is already common.

    The slash being removed isn’t going to be completely obvious to everyone at the first glance but after creating and reviewing varied alternate designs we all felt that this was the most simple and flexible design.

    To me the very issue of DRM labeling is countered by the existence of this logo. We could always just write out “DRM-free” and call it a day as some have been doing for years, but having a standardized logo is another way to keep the DRM conversation pointed in the right direction.

    This logo needed to be simple and timeless while also being symbolic while still having a subtle — or not so subtle — shout-out to the cliche red anti-slash graphic.

    My thanks to the Free Software Foundation for approaching me and asking me to do this based on a comment I made on the original logo design over a year ago. They were also gracious enough to go through a multi-round logo process with lots of options, rational and exploration as I would do with any paying client.

    It’s also appropriate that I listened to a lot of Girl Talk while making this happen.

  6. I’d love to see a version of this logo that prints ‘VOID’ when printed out or is run through a copier. DRM on the DRM Free logo!

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