Shaolin Soul Selection: Wu-Tang Clan's source material and inspiration


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  1.  I know it’s March, but back in November ’12 I decided to got through my collected Xmas music backlog, and found this. Perhaps off–topic, but it seems oddly germane:

    AT 579 views and 0 comments, it at least deserves wider viewership than the standard model of pop culture history allows.

  2. noah django says:

    embed problems:  the video posted is for Hayes’ “Walk on By,” (also on the comp, though) not “Joy” as stated in the post, and it is embedding disabled.


    RZA also curated a volume of Keb Darge’s Funk Spectrum series (well, kinda–Keb switched labels so it was called Kings of Funk) back in ’05.
    the other Funk Spectrum curators were Keb and Josh Davis, Kenny Dope, and Pete Rock.  Funkay.

  3. I can’t help but think of the Wugazi versions of some of these tracks

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