Crocheted skeleton with organs

Artist Shanell Papp has a project called "Bawdy," which is about bodies and textiles. The centerpiece is "Lab," a yarn skeleton with a complete set of organs.

Lab (skeleton) (via Making Light)


  1. Just waiting for the first bride and groom to walk down the aisle as skeletons with little ring bearing skeletons, etc. It’s really getting old. That said, admirable craft work. 

  2. The second skeleton pic runs just about 2.5 megabytes, even in thumbnail form.  It loaded slowly even on my 50 Mb/s line.

  3. Finally, someone got it right! I have seen this on several different sites and this is the first one that correctly identified it as crocheted instead of knitted!

  4. Knit/crochet art and animation is just lovely. Canadian artist, Candace Couse, did this with the NFB a couple of years back:

  5. This has been making the Internet rounds, and it tickles me every time, as Shanell is a graduate (and sometime instructor) from my current place of work.  Deserves the exposure, I say.  

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