Documentary on activist who taught people to make solar cottage industries in 16 countries

Gmoke sez, "Richard Komp has taught people how to make solar as a cottage industry in at least 16 different countries over the last few years. There's a documentary called "Burning in the Sun" about his work in Mali and he's even got an Introduction to Photovoltaics series on YouTube. Reports from his 25 international trips available here"

Solar as a Cottage Industry


  1. I saw “Burning in the Sun” last year. A really great film about an in interesting project. 

    The featured installation was in a small village. A light for inside the school, and another on a porch. Trivial to us, but it let the town teach classes at night, have meetings, etcetera.

    1. The Solar Mamas from Jordan need help as they met with unexpected difficulties in pursuing solar in their native country:

  2. Check out SunnyMoney.
    It is a social enterprise that sells solar lights, branching out from east Africa. In the past year or two sales of micro solar products have rocketed. The goal is to replace every kerosene lamp in Africa by 2010 (because kerosene lamps keep people poor and living with one is like smoking 40 cigarettes a day). 

    If you want to get involved, loans to buy lots of lights are crowd-funded here:

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