Eyeballs found in trash

"Police say they are trying to determine how a medical box containing a pair of eyeballs ended up in a trash bin at a gas station in Kansas City," reports the Associated Press.


  1. How did they get there?  I’ll take a stab at answering the question: 
    (FTA) ” Surveillance video shows two men in a blue Toyota leaving the package on the trash bin.”

  2. Don’t know, I don’t know such stuff. I just do eyes, juh, juh… just
    eyes… just genetic design, just eyes. You Nexus, huh? I design your

    1. Nice, I was just about to say that Rutger Hauer and Brion James might be coming a knockin’.

      1. If Brion James comes knocking, you’ve got another kind of horror on your hands.

        1. Considering the number of movies he was in after he died, it’s a shame there isn’t some kind of “Brion James lives!” meme running around.

  3. Are you sure it was Kansas City?  Ripping out one’s eyes is more frequently the reaction to driving across Nebraska…

  4. I wanted to make a joke about a customer and a gas station attendant  “not seeing eye to eye”, but instead I’ll tell you what really happened. Someone stole the eyes, hoping to trade them for meth. The deal went sour, and the eyes went into the trash in a fit of frustration.

  5. “… a worker at a Conoco station in the city’s north called police after finding the cardboard box…”  Would like to hear that 911 recording.

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